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14 Oct 2018
Yacht-C - Fix app freezing issues, better keyboard support.

7 Sep 2018
Daylight World Map V2.64 released - Request location permission; Save/restore twilight setting; Pro upgrade fixes.

31 May 2018
Geek Calendar Tool V1.38 released - Add Mayan language support; Add Mayan calendar icons; Fix date setting crash.

1 Mar 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.03 released - Added favourite stations; improved station location accuracy.

28 Feb 2018
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.79 released - Fix a Play Online bug on tablet devices.

15 Feb 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.02 released - Show station position in list; added region filter.

13 Feb 2018
All GB Railway Stations V1.00 released - New app released showing locations and stats for all GB rail stations.

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Play against the computer or online¹ in this strategy board game.
[Web] [Android]
Super Bunny
Guide Super Bunny across a series of roads, rivers and dangerous obstacles.
[Web] [Android]

How much can you score in this version of the well-known dice game?
[Web] [Android]
Crazy Billiards
Pot the object balls in the correct order in as few shots as possible.
[Web] [Android]

Quiz Quest
Join Professor Android for this online¹ quiz challenge on a range of subjects.
[Web] [Android]
Twins Memory Game
Test your observation and memory skills with this online¹ puzzle game.
[Web] [Android]

Word Star
Find words from a jumble of letters before time runs out, with online¹ play.
[Web] [Android]
Block Rampage
Destroy the blocks in this fast-paced tilt game. Android Only!

Ghost Munch
Control the Android to eat the diamonds while avoiding the ghosts.
[Web] [Android]
Monster Maze
Collect the treasure and avoid monsters to escape from the maze.
[Web] [Android]

Tilt 'n' Squish
Roll the ball over the bugs to squish them. Android Only!
Destroy the enemy's defenses in a 2D gravity spaceship game.

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Daylight World Map
Shows which parts of the Earth are in daylight depending on the time and date.
[Web] [Android]
All GB Railway Stations
Explore all the railway stations in Great Britain.

Geek Calendar Tool
Calculates the date and other info using various calendar systems.
[Web] [Android]
Geek Clock Tool
Shows representations of the time in some unusual clock systems.
[Web] [Android]

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¹ Real-time online matches against other players are supported in Android version only.

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