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14 Mar 2015New
Ghost Munch Android V1.27 released - Fix animation style setting.

9 Mar 2015New
Geek Clock Tool V1.34 released - Added more display options.

10 Jan 2015
Daylight World Map V2.57 released - Fixes to flags and custom locations.

1 Jan 2015
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.72 released - Improvements to save/resume game feature.

29 Nov 2014
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.71 released - Allow single-player games to be saved and resumed later.

15 Nov 2014
New web app Keyboard Layout Tool released - A tool for comparing and designing keyboard layouts.

10 Aug 2014
Word Star V1.19 released - Added single player practise mode; updated options graphics.

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Super Bunny
Guide Super Bunny across a series of roads, rivers and dangerous obstacles.
[Web] [Android]
Crazy Billiards
Pot the object balls in the correct order in as few shots as possible.
[Web] [Android]

How much can you score in this version of the well-known dice game?
[Web] [Android]
Play against the computer in this strategy board game.
[Web] [Android]

Quiz Quest
Join Professor Android for this quiz challenge on a range of subjects.
[Web] [Android]
Twins Memory Game
Test your observation and memory skills with this puzzle game.
[Web] [Android]

Word Star
Find words from a jumble of letters before time runs out.
[Web] [Android]
Block Rampage
Destroy the blocks in this fast-paced tilt game. Android Only!

Ghost Munch
Control the Android to eat the diamonds while avoiding the ghosts.
[Web] [Android]
Monster Maze
Collect the treasure and avoid monsters to escape from the maze.
[Web] [Android]

Tilt 'n' Squish
Roll the ball over the bugs to squish them. Android Only!
Defend Earth against the alien invaders in the traditional style.

Try to get 21 in the card game Pontoon, similar to Blackjack.
Destroy the enemy's defenses in a 2D gravity spaceship game.

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Daylight World Map
Shows which parts of the Earth are in daylight depending on the time and date.
[Web] [Android]
Create, edit and analyze sports results and fixtures. Example data sets from English Premiership, FA Cup and World Cup competitions.

Geek Calendar Tool
Calculates the date and other info using various calendar systems.
[Web] [Android]
Geek Clock Tool
Shows representations of the time in some unusual clock systems.
[Web] [Android]

Keyboard Layout Tool
Analyze and compare various keyboard layouts, or design your own.
Gravity Simulator
A program which simulates the motion of planets through space.

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