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Global Top 100 'Route A' Scores for 2017

1.Jul 24ESIvan Zorzano Olm9093L15
2.Aug 24PLAnita Stefaniuk7655L13
3.Mar 05USAlbinas Tautkus7414L15
4.May 22FRJerome Rery7262L14
5.Aug 18FRCed Chlef7157L15
6.Aug 16ESIvan Zorzano Olm7092L15
7.Feb 18BRNeide Luzia7053L14
8.Apr 30ITRosa Farinella6983L15
9.Feb 06BRNeide Luzia6901L14
10.Apr 08ITRosa Farinella6813L14
11.Aug 07PLAnita Stefaniuk6787L14
12.Jul 24ESIvan Zorzano Olm6637L14
13.Nov 18BRRosa Bentinho Ol6636L12
14.Feb 03BRNeide Luzia6584L15
15.Apr 30ITRosa Farinella6537L14
16.Apr 15ITRosa Farinella6422L15
17.Mar 18Zeyna Mercenne6286L14
18.Apr 08ITRosa Farinella6243L14
19.Aug 13PLAnita Stefaniuk6228L13
20.Apr 13ITRosa Farinella6219L14
21.May 12ITRosa Farinella6188L15
22.Feb 21BRNeide Luzia6185L14
23.Apr 09ITRosa Farinella6163L13
24.Apr 13ITRosa Farinella6130L14
25.Apr 19ITRosa Farinella6107L14
26.Jan 31BRNeide Luzia6104L14
27.Jul 24ESIvan Zorzano Olm6076L12
28.Nov 16ESPolaka Schroeder6073L14
29.Aug 11Zeyna Mercenne6062L13
30.Feb 22BRNeide Luzia6027L13
31.Aug 09UAMarjana Lakh6021L13
32.Feb 07BRNeide Luzia5984L13
33.Aug 11PLAnita Stefaniuk5979L12
34.Apr 23ITRosa Farinella5973L14
35.Apr 14ITRosa Farinella5948L12
36.Jan 19BRNeide Luzia5900L13
37.Apr 21FRJerome Rery5858L12
38.Apr 21FRJerome Rery5856L12
39.Apr 15ITRosa Farinella5740L14
40.Mar 30BRIvanildo Silvest5728L11
41.Aug 24PLAnita Stefaniuk5697L13
42.Dec 31USNikolina Todorov5689L13
43.Apr 30FRJerome Rery5643L13
44.Jan 29FRPierre le Tallec5604L13
45.Feb 19BRNeide Luzia5577L14
46.Aug 08PLAnita Stefaniuk5558L11
47.May 06ESYomely Ramirez5548L11
48.Aug 13Zeyna Mercenne5536L12
49.May 14FRAnne Cecile Lebo5534L11
50.Aug 15Zeyna Mercenne5508L11
51.Mar 25USAlbinas Tautkus5494L12
52.Aug 05PLAnita Stefaniuk5460L12
53.Apr 13ITRosa Farinella5450L12
54.Apr 04ITRosa Farinella5435L12
55.Mar 10USAlbinas Tautkus5416L13
56.Jan 22FRCed Chlef5410L11
57.Aug 12Zeyna Mercenne5404L12
58.Apr 15ITRosa Farinella5392L11
59.Jan 06ROEkateryna Ciuchi5358L12
60.Dec 02BRRosa Bentinho Ol5357L14
61.Dec 05BRRosa Bentinho Ol5353L12
62.Dec 25USNikolina Todorov5349L12
63.Mar 26FRJerome Rery5333L12
64.Dec 21FRJerome Rery5316L13
65.May 14FRAnne Cecile Lebo5308L12
66.Feb 21ESMonica Rojas5285L13
67.May 11ITRosa Farinella5273L11
68.Nov 25BRRosa Bentinho Ol5262L11
69.Jun 30Jonathan Rondon5249L13
70.Aug 14PLAnita Stefaniuk5236L11
71.Aug 09PLAnita Stefaniuk5223L9
72.Mar 18USSujatha Addagall5202L11
73.Feb 02BRNeide Luzia5180L12
74.Apr 14ITRosa Farinella5176L13
75.Jan 20BRNeide Luzia5167L13
76.Apr 29FRJerome Rery5159L11
77.Jul 08USArturas Lysenko5158L9
78.Apr 02ITRosa Farinella5135L12
79.Feb 02BRNeide Luzia5123L13
80.Feb 06BRNeide Luzia5121L11
81.Apr 07ITRosa Farinella5114L11
82.Mar 30ITRosa Farinella5105L12
83.Oct 01FRJerome Rery5078L12
84.Aug 21ESIvan Zorzano Olm5070L11
85.May 11ITRosa Farinella5052L12
86.Feb 22ESPolaka Schroeder5033L12
87.Mar 30ITRosa Farinella5017L11
88.Mar 06USMarta Wełna5006L10
89.Aug 11PLAnita Stefaniuk5000L11
90.May 13ITRosa Farinella4983L12
91.May 12FRAnne Cecile Lebo4980L12
92.May 21USRowaida Bakleh4950L12
93.Jun 01RUSvetlana Mkhoyan4948L11
94.Feb 22ESMonica Rojas4945L12
95.May 01ROMagdalena Tudor4937L9
96.Dec 02FRJerome Rery4896L12
97.Mar 24ITRosa Farinella4890L11
98.Jul 20ESIvan Zorzano Olm4880L12
99.Jan 22FRCed Chlef4867L11
100.Dec 13USNikolina Todorov4862L14

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route A' scores) for 2017

1. United States United States 4959
2. Brazil Brazil 2362
3. Spain Spain 2165
4. France France 2011
5. Italy Italy 806
6. 620
7. Romania Romania 618
8. Turkey Turkey 497
9. Poland Poland 463
10. Russian Federation Russian Federation 396

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