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Global Top 100 'Route B' Scores for 2018

1.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon6205L12
2.Mar 24BRRosa Bentinho Ol6048L12
3.Mar 03Jonathan Rondon5989L12
4.Mar 22Jonathan Rondon5793L12
5.Mar 25Jonathan Rondon5622L11
6.Mar 25Jonathan Rondon5379L12
7.May 20ITMarzia Bonato5265L11
8.Mar 09Jonathan Rondon5233L12
9.Mar 29Jonathan Rondon5076L10
10.May 02Jonathan Rondon4983L12
11.Mar 06Jonathan Rondon4957L10
12.Mar 04Jonathan Rondon4918L12
13.Mar 29Jonathan Rondon4910L11
14.Jan 01USNikolina Todorov4895L12
15.Mar 11FRCed Chlef4847L10
16.Feb 26Jonathan Rondon4832L12
17.Mar 03Jonathan Rondon4826L12
18.Apr 06BRRosa Bentinho Ol4781L12
19.Feb 26Jonathan Rondon4716L11
20.Feb 17USMiri Dilka4658L10
21.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon4524L10
22.Feb 28Jonathan Rondon4385L8
23.Mar 17Jonathan Rondon4318L9
24.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon4304L11
25.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon4277L10
26.Jan 07FRJerome Rery4269L10
27.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon4158L10
28.Mar 11FRCed Chlef4116L10
29.May 18Jonathan Rondon4020L11
30.Feb 13USDragic Lavinija4002L10
31.Feb 13USDragic Lavinija3969L10
32.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon3728L9
33.Mar 06Jonathan Rondon3645L8
34.Mar 24Jonathan Rondon3570L9
35.Jan 05FRJerome Rery3554L8
36.Feb 13USDragic Lavinija3538L10
37.Apr 04Jonathan Rondon3537L8
38.Mar 02Jonathan Rondon3469L8
39.Mar 13USNizar Hamed3449L7
40.Mar 27Jonathan Rondon3177L8
41.Feb 17Jonathan Rondon3087L8
42.Mar 23Jonathan Rondon3062L7
43.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon2994L8
44.Mar 08Jonathan Rondon2974L8
45.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon2855L7
46.Mar 30Jonathan Rondon2835L7
47.Jan 23USاحمد عام2812L8
48.Mar 28Jonathan Rondon2802L7
49.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon2783L7
50.Mar 09Jonathan Rondon2741L7
51.Feb 10Jonathan Rondon2710L7
52.Feb 12Jonathan Rondon2705L7
53.Mar 03Jonathan Rondon2652L7
54.Feb 15Jonathan Rondon2600L8
55.Mar 23Jonathan Rondon2500L8
56.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon2485L8
57.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon2485L8
58.Mar 04Jonathan Rondon2384L8
59.Mar 05Jonathan Rondon2371L7
60.Feb 15Jonathan Rondon2315L7
61.Jan 05ROVio Vio2235L9
62.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon2159L5
63.Mar 05Jonathan Rondon2155L5
64.Jan 11ITFrancesco D'ambr2122L6
65.Jun 09USاحمد عام2082L4
66.Mar 02Jonathan Rondon2070L4
67.May 31BRVilmar Devigilli2062L4
68.Mar 05Jonathan Rondon2031L5
69.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon2020L5
70.Mar 02CZLenka Novotná2019L4
71.Apr 03Jonathan Rondon2014L5
72.Feb 10Jonathan Rondon2012L5
73.Mar 30Jonathan Rondon1990L5
74.Feb 13Jonathan Rondon1987L5
75.Feb 11Jonathan Rondon1978L4
76.Feb 10Jonathan Rondon1974L5
77.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon1921L4
78.Feb 10Jonathan Rondon1911L5
79.Mar 26Jonathan Rondon1872L5
80.Mar 22Jonathan Rondon1834L5
81.Mar 03Jonathan Rondon1832L5
82.Apr 02Jonathan Rondon1821L5
83.Feb 12Jonathan Rondon1816L5
84.Feb 10Jonathan Rondon1803L5
85.Feb 15Jonathan Rondon1800L4
86.Mar 05Jonathan Rondon1793L4
87.Feb 05USКирил Ди1788L5
88.Mar 23Jonathan Rondon1784L4
89.Mar 07USJoni Peters1783L6
90.Mar 04CZLenka Novotná1781L4
91.Feb 13Jonathan Rondon1771L5
92.Feb 15Jonathan Rondon1765L5
93.Feb 15Jonathan Rondon1751L7
94.Apr 04Jonathan Rondon1737L4
95.Feb 14Jonathan Rondon1732L5
96.Feb 09Jonathan Rondon1722L5
97.Mar 02CZLenka Novotná1710L4
98.Mar 06Jonathan Rondon1708L6
99.Mar 25USCathy Coudrais1670L5
100.Mar 03Jonathan Rondon1661L4

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route B' scores) for 2018

1. 670
2. United States United States 269
3. France France 116
4. Spain Spain 86
5. Romania Romania 71
6. Brazil Brazil 66
7. Poland Poland 55
8. Czech Republic Czech Republic 44
9. Turkey Turkey 43
10. Serbia Serbia 34

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