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DaylightAndroid: Screen saver Is it possible to make the full screen into a screen saver while plugged in? That would be a great feature
posted 2018-01-03 by Paul
Good suggestion. The problem is, the phone will usually turn itself off after a period, even when charging. However, you may be able to prevent this from happening, there are some details here: https://www.greenbot.com/article/2463970/how-to-keep-your-android-phones-screen-on-longer.html Hope that helps

DaylightAndroid: Won't widget I can't get the app to run as a widget any more on my Samsung 5A.
posted 2017-07-22 by Ed

OthelloAndroid: Not Working I bought pro version not working after last update go to play online and it just crashes.
posted 2017-04-16 by T.Allen
Sorry to hear that, that definitely shouldn't be happening (obviously)! No-one else has reported this problem with the latest version, so could you please send a bug report describing when and how the crash happens, if you are still seeing the problem. That way it can be fixed ASAP!

OthelloAndroid: No work My reversi doestn work, after Y download the Last atualisation.
posted 2017-03-28 by L Prestes
Sorry to hear that, so far no other reports have been received of the last update not working, can you please check your connection? If you are still having problems, let me know in exactly what way does it not work for you...

ClockInfoAndroid: Hex Clock Hi. I believe that we must all switch to hexadecimal, because there are many advantages that many do not see. The hexclock is the first way that I think we can change this. If you could somehow make an app or an interface that switches everything to hexadecimal, and shows the time in hex time, it could be revolutionary.
posted 2017-03-04 by Justin Choi

OthelloAndroid: Connection problem Sometime opposite leave, but it is some sort of connection error and they dont leave by intention. Can the connection be made more robust?
posted 2017-01-09 by Moi
The system does already try to keep hold of the connection if it's lost for only short period. This does reduce the number of times a connection is lost, but unfortunately it does still sometimes happen when there is poor network availability.

OthelloAndroid: Server connection error Hi, like in subject since a few days. Can you accept my connections? I reinstalled app thus I haven't username yet.
posted 2016-10-24 by Bob
Thanks for reporting it. There was a problem with the multiplayer server. It is working again now.

YahtzeeAndroid: 7's too scarce? It seems like the probability of rolling a 7 is too low in Lucky 7. I don't know if having the wild 7 is included in those odds though they shouldn't be. This is after playing tons of games. Thanks
posted 2016-09-23 by Scott
The chance of getting a 7 is programmed to be 1 in 7 - i.e. an equal chance to the other numbers. Being generated by your device's random number generator, sometimes they may appear more or less often, but should balance out over time.

ClockInfo: Thank You + request I love to have Your clock (the dozenal) on my phone desktop! I dream to have another clock, a mix of dozenal and 24hours. Dozenal cyphers: "0" on the bottom, "6" on top, "3" on the left. 4 hands: they do one turn in 24 hrs, 2 hrs, 10 mins and 50 s. Additional digital clock, 4 digits following the hands and one 12 times faster.
posted 2016-09-03 by Carlo Licini

Quiz: The game won't load It seems that the app won't load at all. It seems like it has some kind of glitch. I don't understand what's going on at all. Would you mind trying to fix it? I have Safari. It's the biggest pain to deal with. It just keeps trying to load when it's not loading at all. It doesn't even give it a chance before it tries again.
posted 2016-06-09 by Tori
Thanks for reporting it, I would like to understand the problem and fix it. I have tested the app in Chrome and Firefox and it seems to loads OK. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac/Safari to test it on, but it should (in theory) work across all browsers. I don't know whether you have access to other web browers as well, but it would be nice to see if you get the same problem on others too? Can you let me know whether it does show "Loading XX%" on the screen and then gets stuck, or whether it shows nothing at all?

OthelloAndroid: Counting Hi! Counting mechanism works not entirely accurate in some cases. Here should be 32-31, because one cell remains empty. imgur.com/ARAElan
posted 2016-06-02 by Alex
This was changed fairly recently - it used to report 32-31 in that scenario. However it was pointed out to me that the official rules state that if a player is unable to move and the game ends as a result, then the other player is awarded the remaining empty tiles.

OthelloAndroid: Error "Server Connection Error" from yesterday
posted 2016-05-31 by Alex
Thank you for reporting it. The server is now working again.

OthelloAndroid: Connection error Hi I only get server connection error and can't play. Are the servers down?
posted 2016-05-31 by Moi
Thank you for reporting it. The server is now working again.

DaylightAndroid: Moon Data Please add moon data like rise/set times, % full, az/el, lat/long. This is a great app!
posted 2016-05-27 by George Stein

DaylightAndroid: widget display The most simple way to centre the widget image is to use the stored preferred location (lat DDD MM, long DDD MM) before searching. John.
posted 2016-05-25 by John

DaylightAndroid: Map construction Your Moon is under the night shadow so that it appears to dim. REDRAW it to shine on top. DRAW a map centered on Sydney Australia. SPLITTING the map up the Atlantic Ocean shows Melanesia and Micronesia and Iceland as a whole. ALSO add a day/date/midnight short line on top of the night mask at the bottom of the map to show many terminations. John
posted 2016-05-24 by John
In the app itself, the map can of course centred on a specific location, or on the sun's position. This feature is not (yet) available on the widget however. Fair point about the moon during the night, it should be brighter.

DaylightAndroid: Phone location A sensible person leaves the battery eating GPS turned off. So this app would be much better answering to a stored/preferred location.
posted 2016-05-24 by John
The app tries to get the location via any means available, including GPS and/or coarse location from the cell network. The app does also remember your currently selected location.

DaylightAndroid: Midnight line A true midnight line in the Southern Ocean would be specifically there to ignore time zones for people who do tbings such as Navigation Surveying or Astronomy. Being in the Soutern Ocean means it would notpimpact anybody or time zones.
posted 2016-05-24 by John

DaylightAndroid: i for information The procedure to centre the map at your home by inserting your location is hard to work out. Each individual step to save this under cities should be part of i for information. Especially for people who turn off the battery hungry location service as it is not needed most of the time and seldom works inside anyway. Stil waiting for the moving midnight/date line.
posted 2016-04-19 by John
The app does default to the phone's location if known, so for some users there is no need to set it. If you want it fixed to a certain city, I still think it is fairly easy to do using the location button. I imagine most people won't change this regularly. Showing the date line is quite difficult as the app does not know about time zone regions, only which timezone each city belongs to. And it's made worse as some countries cause the date line to move simply by changing which side they declare themselves to be on (e.g. Samoa)!

DaylightAndroid: Moscow +3 GMT Moscow (Russia) is a +3 GTM, but not +4 GMT!
posted 2016-04-07 by Dmitry Marsov
The recent changes to Russian timezone will need to be incorporated into the phone's OS before this time change will take effect in the app. It should happen automatically following an Android update.

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