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ClockInfoAndroid: Widgets If only the widgets had the minor divisions of time too. In the app clocks run smoothly but not in widgets so please fix it. otherwise it's great!!!!!
posted 2020-08-31 by Pranav
Thanks for your question. The widgets are not allowed to update their state very often, as being visible on the home screen, it would cause too much battery drain on the device. That's why the minor divisions are not shown on the widgets!

ClockInfoAndroid: Double decimaltime Hi, How about a Double decimal time? I'm almost obsessed with it and have been looking for such a clock for nearly infinite time. .. :) just 20 hours instead of 24. 10 at day, 10 at night, every hour has 100 minutes, every minute 100 seconds. : D
posted 2020-07-26 by Aaron

DaylightAndroid: Can I use this map as my wallpaper? I would like to use this app as a wallpaper. Would it be possible? If so, please let me know how?
posted 2020-06-20 by Viva

OthelloAndroid: Biggles Is it possible to play an opponent of choice or is it random?
posted 2020-05-02 by James harldy

CalendarInfoAndroid: Chinese Calendar months? When you can could you add the chinese month names if they are advalible
posted 2020-03-09 by Joshua Lichkay

CalendarInfoAndroid: Hindu/ Buddhist Calendars You have the Jewish and Muslim caledars but it could help to have a Hindu and Buddhist calendar in order to figure out dates for there festivals for study.
posted 2020-03-08 by Joshua Lichkay

CalendarInfoAndroid: Celtic Tree Calendar )0( Thankyou for adding the Egyptian calender. For a suggestion for a new calendar, why not add the Celtic tree calendar.
posted 2020-03-07 by Joshua Lichkay

CalendarInfoAndroid: Egyptian calender I love the calenders but I would love to see their be an ancient egyptian calender. I am obsessed with ancient egypt. Thank you.
posted 2020-02-18 by Joshua Lichkay

CalendarInfoAndroid: Calenders of Buddhism and Hinduism? I saw that there are calenders for judaism and islam, could you add a hindu or buddhist calender for cultural referenceses. Also I would like some ancient calenders like Egyptian like i said earlier. These are just suggestions. Thanks for listening. )0(
posted 2020-02-18 by Joshua Lichkay

DaylightAndroid: Setting location At the top of the screen, it says Washington DC. I have set a user location of Redmond Oregon. How do I get Redmond to replace the Wash DC at the top of the screen? I am a registered user. Thanks!
posted 2019-12-14 by George

ClockInfoAndroid: true Binary time rules! It's hard to find, and I think it's the best. Thank you for making it available. If there were wristwatches and wall clocks of it, i'd get them.
posted 2019-11-10 by Fellow nerd

DaylightAndroid: changing location it doesnt look like I can save the location. The default seems to be London England.
posted 2019-07-01 by Endoph Daize
The app remembers the last selected location. If you have had set it "phone location" (i.e. GPS), but GPS has been disabled on your device, then it falls back to selecting London.

ClockInfoAndroid: True Dozenal Clock Thanks for app! I would like to see a clock with the day divided in 12 units, those units divided in 12 etc. Probably three hands is enough. Having the 6 at top would be ideal (representing the relative position of the sun). Note that the first unit = 2 hours, the second = 10 minutes, the third = 50 seconds (and furthermore the fourth = apx. 4 seconds, the fifth = apx 1/3 second).
posted 2019-06-01 by Tom

DaylightAndroid: City coordinates I would like to suggest that you make cities visible.
posted 2019-05-31 by Bonga Mchunu
Cities can be indicated with an option on the settings page.

YahtzeeAndroid: Freezing issue The last update of android has caused YachtC to freeze after submitting the final score.
posted 2019-04-17 by Mike

OthelloAndroid: World ranked out of other active players How many people are actually active players through put the world. What is your world ranking out of.
posted 2018-10-04 by Eric

TrainStationsAndroid: Tocs need updating Please replace Southwest Trains with Southwestern Railways in the south of England
posted 2018-07-28 by Jonathan
The data used in the app comes from a government agency, and is only released annually. Changes like these will be reflected in the app soon after the next data set is released.

twinsAndroid: american flag Why isn't the Americas games on winning list
posted 2018-07-28 by Karen Taylor

ClockInfoAndroid: Wear OS I would really enjoy a wear OS clock face that could display these alternative clocks. I want these clocks on my smartwatch.
posted 2018-07-22 by Nate
It's a good point! Will bear it in mind for a future release.

quizAndroid: i do not know what to do ummm can someone like help me im confused very much
posted 2018-07-09 by breanna

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