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This program calculates and displays calendar-related information. For a given date, the various information about different calendar systems is available:

Dates are written in International Standard ISO-8601 "year-month-day" format. No guarantees are made regarding accuracy or correctness of this software.

- Claus Tondering's Calendar FAQ is an excellent source of calendar-related information.
- SourceForge zmanim project - Jewish Calendar Calculation.
- Bryan Derksen - Maya Numerals.

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Recent Update

4 Mar 2020
Geek Calendar Tool V1.40 released - Added Coptic (Egyptian) calendar.


Clock related information: The decimal, hex, and binary clocks have been improved and moved into a separate app, Geek Clock Tool.

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Recent comments

Chinese Calendar months? When you can could you add the chinese month names if they are advalible
posted 2020-03-09 by Joshua Lichkay

Hindu/ Buddhist Calendars You have the Jewish and Muslim caledars but it could help to have a Hindu and Buddhist calendar in order to figure out dates for there festivals for study.
posted 2020-03-08 by Joshua Lichkay

Celtic Tree Calendar )0( Thankyou for adding the Egyptian calender. For a suggestion for a new calendar, why not add the Celtic tree calendar.
posted 2020-03-07 by Joshua Lichkay

Egyptian calender I love the calenders but I would love to see their be an ancient egyptian calender. I am obsessed with ancient egypt. Thank you.
posted 2020-02-18 by Joshua Lichkay

Calenders of Buddhism and Hinduism? I saw that there are calenders for judaism and islam, could you add a hindu or buddhist calender for cultural referenceses. Also I would like some ancient calenders like Egyptian like i said earlier. These are just suggestions. Thanks for listening. )0(
posted 2020-02-18 by Joshua Lichkay

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