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Shows which parts of the world are in daylight, which are in twilight, and which are in darkness. The approximate positions of the sun and moon (projected on to the Earth) are also shown.

Various locations around the world can be selected, and the date and time can be changed. For the currently selected location and the current date and time, information such as the number of daylight hours and sunrise/sunset times are shown in an information panel.

The map can also be animated to show the passage of light and shadow across the surface of the Earth over time. The speed can be selected using the "Time Step" control.

The program makes some approximations; do not rely on the results to be totally accurate, they are intended as a guide only.

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Recent Update

4 Aug 2015New
Daylight World Map V2.58 released - Added widget customization options.


Force close errors? The most common cause of the app crashing is the phone running out of memory, especially when zooming in. Some developments are planned to use memory more efficiently to help avoid this problem. In the meantime, if your phone has limited memory, try closing other apps, or is possible avoid zooming in too much!

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Recent comments

Daylight Program Please have an option to have the night areas to be not so dark. Also an option to show US state outlines would be most helpful as well. Thanks for having this fine application available. Please drop me an email if these requests seem doable. Regards, George, NJ3H Stephens City, Virginia USA
posted 2015-05-23 by George Stein
I guess the darkness factor is a matter of personal taste! Would be happy to show a US state outlines, but would need a appropriate source map image. If I come across an good one with a suitable license, I'll add it in as an option.

daylight world app When I put new location in, I can put in location name ok using the tablet keyboard. When I go to lat,longitude, the tablet keyboard disappears and a small numerical board appears. This puts in nos. and dots, but not the negative sign. This sign is on the same button as the neg.sign, but I have tried various means to get the neg. sign to no avail. How do I get it as everything goes East, not West.
posted 2015-01-05 by Jan iceberg Moor
On most phones it is possible to enter negative values using the software keypad, to represent "West" longitude. However, some phones do not make it easy to enter negative values. To cover this case, an additional +/- button has been added to the app.

use Gps position Would it be possible for the next update to this app collect the Gps position from my phone and use it as a user location? If not, could you please add Swindon UK, and Málaga Spain? Thanks
posted 2014-08-11 by David
The app will already use the device's current location if it could be determined.

Hammerfest Norway Will you please add Hammerfest, Norway to the cities on Daylight World Map? Thank You
posted 2014-06-10 by MarkD60
Thanks for the suggestion. Even though I am sure Hammerfest is a wonderful place, in general I tend to only add cities that are quite large or have some other significance, e.g a capital. I grant you it's in an interesting place though. I presume you must be one of Hammerfest's 10,287 inhabitants :)

JimmyA Hi. Just one question. How can I arch the night zone to cover more realistically around the globe instead of a dull semi-square feature. But other than that, very nice for Nexus 7 Android Tablet. Thank you.
posted 2014-03-20 by Jimmy
Hi Jimmy, The day and night zones are already represented realistically, the shape depends on the time of year.

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