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Shows which parts of the world are in daylight, which are in twilight, and which are in darkness. The approximate positions of the sun and moon (projected on to the Earth) are also shown.

Various locations around the world can be selected, and the date and time can be changed. For the currently selected location and the current date and time, information such as the number of daylight hours and sunrise/sunset times are shown in an information panel.

The map can also be animated to show the passage of light and shadow across the surface of the Earth over time. The speed can be selected using the "Time Step" control.

The program makes some approximations; do not rely on the results to be totally accurate, they are intended as a guide only.

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Recent Update

5 Dec 2015
Daylight World Map V2.59 released - Fixed map type selection bug.


Force close errors? The most common cause of the app crashing is the phone running out of memory, especially when zooming in. Some developments are planned to use memory more efficiently to help avoid this problem. In the meantime, if your phone has limited memory, try closing other apps, or is possible avoid zooming in too much!

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Recent comments

World map option Could your world map have the Pacific Ocean central display option please. (Split Atlantic ocean just west of Iceland between South America and Africa). 6 billion people (India and China) would love you for this option.
posted 2016-02-11 by John
Thanks for the feedback. Actually that has been requested by others too! The map in the main app can be centred on any point, but the widget is currently fixed at zero longitude. I would like add the option to change this when I have some free time, so it may yet appear in a future version!

Suggested useful update A vertical white date line in the centre of the night shadow representing midnight..... The chosen day and date format would either side of the line.... For example 2400 hrs Mon 24th / 0000 hrs Tues 25th (avoiding the path of the moon and sun).... THEN you could allow the world map to centre on the chosen location..... This could even be another app called Terminator Dateline....
posted 2016-02-05 by John

Re Terminator Dateline The day date format suggested either side of the midnight date line could be described as simply as Monday/Tuesday or 12pm Mon / 0.00am Tues.... John
posted 2016-02-05 by John

Moon data Thanks for adding moon location. Can you please add stats for the moon as well? It would be nice to have the lat/long, aziimuth, elevation, and percent full (with an up/down arrow indicating getting fuller or not), moon rise and set times. Again thanks for adding the moon. Regards, George in Stephens City, Virginia.
posted 2015-12-17 by George Stein

Thanks! I am sure that you don't hear much..until an app fails... So I want to Thank You for the recent fix. This is the only day/nite that actually Functions correctly, in that it is clear and easy to SEE! I use this app to determine the "Gray Line" mode of Propagation for Amateur Radio... Thanks, "73" , and All The Best from W8LV
posted 2015-12-10 by Bill Pietschman

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