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Reversi (sometimes known as "Othello") is a two-player strategy game where the players take turns to put counters on an 8x8 square board. When a player places a counter, it captures any of his opponent's counters which become "sandwiched" by his own. Captured counters change colour to indicate which player has captured them.

Each turn, you must place a counter on a square that results in at least one opposing counter being captured. Occasionally a player may not be able to make a legal move in which case he will forfeit his turn.

The game ends when all the squares on the board are filled with counters. The winner is the player who has the most counters showing.

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Recent Update

6 Nov 2022
Othello Reversi V1.83 released - Support recent Android versions, fix notification crash.

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Recent comments

Biggles Is it possible to play an opponent of choice or is it random?
posted 2020-05-02 by James harldy

World ranked out of other active players How many people are actually active players through put the world. What is your world ranking out of.
posted 2018-10-04 by Eric

Not Working I bought pro version not working after last update go to play online and it just crashes.
posted 2017-04-16 by T.Allen
Sorry to hear that, that definitely shouldn't be happening (obviously)! No-one else has reported this problem with the latest version, so could you please send a bug report describing when and how the crash happens, if you are still seeing the problem. That way it can be fixed ASAP!

No work My reversi doestn work, after Y download the Last atualisation.
posted 2017-03-28 by L Prestes
Sorry to hear that, so far no other reports have been received of the last update not working, can you please check your connection? If you are still having problems, let me know in exactly what way does it not work for you...

Connection problem Sometime opposite leave, but it is some sort of connection error and they dont leave by intention. Can the connection be made more robust?
posted 2017-01-09 by Moi
The system does already try to keep hold of the connection if it's lost for only short period. This does reduce the number of times a connection is lost, but unfortunately it does still sometimes happen when there is poor network availability.

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