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Reversi (sometimes known as "Othello") is a two-player strategy game where the players take turns to put counters on an 8x8 square board. When a player places a counter, it captures any of his opponent's counters which become "sandwiched" by his own. Captured counters change colour to indicate which player has captured them.

Each turn, you must place a counter on a square that results in at least one opposing counter being captured. Occasionally a player may not be able to make a legal move in which case he will forfeit his turn.

The game ends when all the squares on the board are filled with counters. The winner is the player who has the most counters showing.

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Recent Update

31 Jan 2016
Reversi (Othello) Online V1.75 released - Multi-player match robustness, fix early-end scoring.

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Recent comments

Error When another player left, Im lost
posted 2015-09-20 by Jose Ma. Villanu

Disconnected many times Terribly annoying android app. It disconnects a player for no reason in the presence of fast reliable internet service.
posted 2015-07-29 by Zatoichi
Sorry to hear you've been experiencing those problems. There haven't been any other similar reports of network problems lately, but if you let me know your username and approximate time the disconnection happened, I'll take a look in the server logs so see if anything looks amiss.

quit Very often i am shown as quitting the game, albeit I don't intend to
posted 2015-06-17 by Bogdan
Could be a problem of temporarily dropped network.

Asus phone Hello play time remains to zero on asus phone, I choose "rancket timed" in the setting and I have 00 for me and 00 for opponent during all the time of game (lollipop 5.0 model Z00D) I have no problem on nexus 5 thanks
posted 2015-05-14 by toussaint FR

country flag Hi. It would be great if in profile there was an option to choose nationality (country flag) because lots of people have english as an language in their phones but they are from all around the world. Is it possible to add? Thanks. Regards
posted 2015-05-12 by Czi
Selectable Country flags have been added!

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