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This is a card game based on Pontoon (Blackjack). The idea of the game is to get the value of your cards as close to 21 as possible without going over. Numbered cards have their face vaue, picture cards are worth 10, Aces are worth 1 or 11. In this version of the game, you play against the bank (the computer) to try to win as much money as possible over 12 rounds of play.

The game proceeds are follows: Each round, you and bank are each dealt one card. You then decide how much to bet - £10, £20, or £40. After this you each receive a second card.

Your choices now depend on what cards you have:
Stick - you may end your turn if your cards have a value of 15 or more.
Buy - you can buy a card from the bank, which will increase the stake by £10.
Twist - you can have a "free" card (i.e. not increasing the stake) if your cards have a value of 12 or more. Once you have "twisted" you cannot "Buy" further cards for that round.

If your cards have a value of more than 21 then you are "Bust" and the computer wins the money you have staked. Otherwise, the computer will have its turn, flipping cards until it either decides to Stick, or is Bust.

At the end of each round, if neither player has Bust, then the winner is determined as follows:
The best possible hand is a two-card 21 (Pontoon!);
Second best, is a five-card hand with a value of 21 or less;
Otherwise, the hand nearest to 21 wins.
If the player and the bank have identical hands, the bank wins.

Note, there are no "special hands" or "splits" in this version.

Your final score is the money you have after 12 rounds.

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Recent comments

BEST OF BRITISH Makes a change to play a genuine and frankly superior card game from Blighty instead of the usual, pale Americanised version eg Blackjack. Absolutely Spiffing!!!!
posted 2010-09-06 by Robert, Notts

Great game Not played this since leaving the army
posted 2009-12-03 by Neville Scarfe

awsome i loooove pontoon 1 of my best card games!!
posted 2009-08-24 by mike

pontoon amy is sooo good at this gameeeee :D:D:D louis and josh are very cool (H)
posted 2009-06-24 by amy

louis i am the best at this game
posted 2009-06-24 by bobby

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