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Global Top 100 'Single Player' Scores for 01/2018

1.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1371
2.Jan 09USDonna Herridge1335
3.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1333
4.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1330
5.Jan 07USDonna Herridge1284
6.Jan 09USDonna Herridge1256
7.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1247
8.Jan 05USDonna Herridge1228
9.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1188
10.Jan 04USDonna Herridge1184
11.Jan 04USDonna Herridge1178
12.Jan 10USDonna Herridge1152
13.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1151
14.Jan 09USPatricia Kline1147
15.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1143
16.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1136
17.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1122
18.Jan 21CALisette Paquet1112
19.Jan 01USDonna Herridge1109
20.Jan 02USDonna Herridge1080
21.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1065
22.Jan 08USPatricia Kline1039
23.Jan 03USDonna Herridge1036
24.Jan 03USDonna Herridge1033
25.Jan 04USDonna Herridge1027
26.Jan 27USShari Horton1024
27.Jan 04USDonna Herridge1020
28.Jan 23CALisette Paquet1019
29.Jan 04USPatricia Kline1015
30.Jan 04USPatricia Kline1014
31.Jan 06USDonna Herridge1009
32.Jan 23CALisette Paquet1001
33.Jan 06USDonna Herridge993
34.Jan 21CALisette Paquet982
35.Jan 04USPatricia Kline976
36.Jan 23CALisette Paquet969
37.Jan 09USPatricia Kline969
38.Jan 09GBLiz McAlpine968
39.Jan 02USDonna Herridge967
40.Jan 03USDonna Herridge964
41.Jan 09USPatricia Kline957
42.Jan 06FRPanzerGuitou Sto954
43.Jan 21CALisette Paquet951
44.Jan 06USDonna Herridge951
45.Jan 04USPatricia Kline947
46.Jan 02USDonna Herridge944
47.Jan 02USDonna Herridge941
48.Jan 09USPatricia Kline941
49.Jan 03USDonna Herridge937
50.Jan 02USDonna Herridge933
51.Jan 06USDonna Herridge891
52.Jan 21CALisette Paquet887
53.Jan 21CALisette Paquet884
54.Jan 05USDonna Herridge883
55.Jan 08USPatricia Kline880
56.Jan 04USPatricia Kline873
57.Jan 02USDonna Herridge863
58.Jan 09USDonna Herridge859
59.Jan 03USDonna Herridge858
60.Jan 06GBMick Archer857
61.Jan 21CALisette Paquet855
62.Jan 24HRMarko GrediĆĄnja850
63.Jan 05USDonna Herridge847
64.Jan 01USDonna Herridge845
65.Jan 23CALisette Paquet840
66.Jan 03USDonna Herridge839
67.Jan 31USLynda Holdstock836
68.Jan 09USPatricia Kline835
69.Jan 02USDonna Herridge829
70.Jan 23CALisette Paquet828
71.Jan 04USDonna Herridge828
72.Jan 03USDonna Herridge828
73.Jan 01USDonna Herridge819
74.Jan 01USDonna Herridge813
75.Jan 02USDonna Herridge809
76.Jan 01USDonna Herridge802
77.Jan 02USDonna Herridge797
78.Jan 05USDonna Herridge788
79.Jan 23CALisette Paquet786
80.Jan 01USDonna Herridge784
81.Jan 04USDonna Herridge784
82.Jan 05USDonna Herridge782
83.Jan 03USDonna Herridge768
84.Jan 03USDonna Herridge768
85.Jan 02USDonna Herridge767
86.Jan 23GBAlan Wain762
87.Jan 03USDonna Herridge757
88.Jan 01USDonna Herridge757
89.Jan 08USBrenda Clarke748
90.Jan 06USDonna Herridge741
91.Jan 23GBAlan Wain740
92.Jan 02USDonna Herridge737
93.Jan 23GBAlan Wain731
94.Jan 09USDonna Herridge731
95.Jan 05USJean Swan730
96.Jan 02USDonna Herridge722
97.Jan 05RUKonstantin Epif719
98.Jan 05RUKonstantin Epif717
99.Jan 11NLLinda Rousseau716
100.Jan 01USDonna Herridge705

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Top Countries (submitted 'Single Player' scores) for 01/2018

1. United States United States 120
2. United Kingdom United Kingdom 26
3. Canada Canada 15
4. Russian Federation Russian Federation 4
5. Netherlands Netherlands 4
6. France France 2
7. Croatia Croatia 1

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