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Global Top 100 'Single Player' Scores for 2017

1.Jul 03USRalph James Paon1647
2.May 17USRalph James Paon1603
3.Jun 04USRalph James Paon1589
4.Jul 22USRalph James Paon1588
5.Sep 22USRalph James Paon1554
6.Apr 19USAyman Selim Ezz1547
7.Sep 17USRalph James Paon1542
8.Aug 21USRalph James Paon1541
9.Jun 08USRalph James Paon1533
10.Sep 01USRalph James Paon1529
11.Jul 19USRalph James Paon1526
12.Jun 22USRalph James Paon1525
13.Sep 07USRalph James Paon1523
14.Jun 21USRalph James Paon1523
15.Jul 05USRalph James Paon1520
16.May 29USRalph James Paon1516
17.May 31USRalph James Paon1511
18.Jul 13USRalph James Paon1506
19.Apr 18USRalph James Paon1506
20.Jun 03USRalph James Paon1504
21.May 15USRalph James Paon1504
22.Jul 27USRalph James Paon1503
23.Jun 28USRalph James Paon1503
24.Jun 29USRalph James Paon1497
25.Apr 03USRalph James Paon1493
26.Jul 30USRalph James Paon1482
27.Jan 05USVladimir Krnac1478
28.Sep 05USRalph James Paon1477
29.May 02USRalph James Paon1473
30.May 07USRalph James Paon1472
31.Mar 29USAyman Selim Ezz1471
32.Aug 25USRalph James Paon1468
33.Mar 28USRalph James Paon1460
34.Sep 11USRalph James Paon1459
35.Aug 09USRalph James Paon1457
36.Jul 23USRalph James Paon1454
37.Apr 30USRalph James Paon1453
38.Jul 28USRalph James Paon1452
39.Mar 16USRalph James Paon1449
40.Jun 13USRalph James Paon1446
41.Jul 25USRalph James Paon1445
42.Apr 15USRalph James Paon1445
43.Mar 22USRalph James Paon1445
44.May 29USRalph James Paon1441
45.May 06USRalph James Paon1440
46.Jun 19USRalph James Paon1438
47.Jun 12USRalph James Paon1438
48.Aug 05USRalph James Paon1431
49.Apr 05USRalph James Paon1430
50.Jun 17USRalph James Paon1428
51.May 27USRalph James Paon1428
52.Jan 19HRDamir Žganec1425
53.Aug 19USRalph James Paon1423
54.May 20USRalph James Paon1418
55.Jul 20USRalph James Paon1417
56.Apr 14USAyman Selim Ezz1412
57.Mar 27USAyman Selim Ezz1409
58.Sep 21USRalph James Paon1409
59.Mar 18HRDamir Žganec1407
60.Jun 27USRalph James Paon1402
61.Nov 13USMelissa Bowhall1398
62.Aug 16USRalph James Paon1398
63.Mar 23USAyman Selim Ezz1392
64.Aug 12USRalph James Paon1390
65.Aug 26USRalph James Paon1387
66.Sep 15USRalph James Paon1384
67.Jan 05USVladimir Krnac1382
68.Mar 20USAyman Selim Ezz1380
69.Apr 14USAyman Selim Ezz1380
70.Apr 02USRalph James Paon1380
71.Mar 20USRalph James Paon1378
72.Apr 03USAyman Selim Ezz1377
73.Apr 16USAyman Selim Ezz1375
74.Jun 26USRalph James Paon1375
75.Oct 06USFabio Bücherste1374
76.Mar 29USRalph James Paon1366
77.Jul 29USRalph James Paon1364
78.Feb 13HRDamir Žganec1364
79.Jul 09USRalph James Paon1361
80.Mar 07SEDraško Nikolić1353
81.Aug 28USRalph James Paon1352
82.Mar 24USRalph James Paon1352
83.Sep 19USRalph James Paon1350
84.Feb 10HRDamir Žganec1349
85.Jul 24USRalph James Paon1347
86.Mar 31USRalph James Paon1347
87.Jun 05RUBranislava Dzuni1345
88.Jul 11USRalph James Paon1344
89.Mar 29USCharles Kenny1343
90.Mar 31FRRichie Richie1342
91.Aug 07USRalph James Paon1341
92.May 30USRalph James Paon1340
93.Apr 07USAyman Selim Ezz1340
94.Mar 19USRalph James Paon1340
95.Jun 05USRalph James Paon1338
96.Jul 10RUBranislava Dzuni1334
97.Sep 10USRalph James Paon1327
98.Mar 27USRalph James Paon1325
99.Apr 14USAyman Selim Ezz1324
100.Mar 27USAyman Selim Ezz1322

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Top Countries (submitted 'Single Player' scores) for 2017

1. United States United States 2015
2. Russian Federation Russian Federation 478
3. Italy Italy 339
4. United Kingdom United Kingdom 107
5. Canada Canada 106
6. Serbia Serbia 49
7. Croatia Croatia 48
8. Hungary Hungary 26
9. Greece Greece 15
10. Sweden Sweden 15

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