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Global Top 100 'Vs Computer' Scores for 2018

1.May 03RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-0
2.Apr 30RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-1
3.Apr 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-1
4.Jun 11RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-1
5.Jun 07RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-2
6.May 20RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-1
7.May 08RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-1
8.Apr 04RUNesho DzunichSmart14-1
9.Mar 13RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-1
10.May 12RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-3
11.May 03RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-3
12.Apr 05RUNesho DzunichSmart14-2
13.Mar 18RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-3
14.May 29RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-3
15.May 28RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-3
16.May 17RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-1
17.May 07RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-3
18.May 04RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-3
19.Apr 29RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-2
20.Apr 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-4
21.Mar 24RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-2
22.Jun 12RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
23.Jun 12RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
24.Jun 09RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
25.Jun 09RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
26.Jun 04RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-3
27.May 25RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
28.May 22RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
29.May 17RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-3
30.May 16RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
31.May 11RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
32.Apr 28RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
33.Apr 23RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
34.Mar 31RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
35.Mar 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
36.Mar 19RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
37.Mar 19RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-3
38.Mar 15RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
39.Mar 09RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-3
40.Mar 09RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-2
41.Mar 06RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-4
42.Feb 26RUBranislava DzuniSmart15-5
43.Jun 10RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
44.Jun 05RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
45.May 31RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-3
46.May 29RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-2
47.May 28RUBranislava DzuniSmart10-1
48.May 26RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-5
49.May 26RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
50.May 22RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-5
51.May 08RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-3
52.May 06RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
53.Apr 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
54.Apr 10RUBranislava DzuniSmart14-5
55.Apr 07RUNesho DzunichSmart11-2
56.Apr 02RUNesho DzunichSmart14-5
57.Mar 17RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
58.Mar 17RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
59.Mar 17RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
60.Mar 12RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
61.Mar 10RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-4
62.Jun 01RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
63.May 23RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
64.May 20ITLuca MedagliaSmart10-2
65.May 19USCandi MillikenSmart10-2
66.May 10RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-5
67.May 09RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
68.May 06RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
69.Apr 02RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-3
70.Mar 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-5
71.Mar 11RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
72.Mar 11RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-5
73.Mar 07RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
74.Mar 05RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
75.Feb 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-4
76.Feb 03USLynda HoldstockSmart11-3
77.Jun 12RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-6
78.Jun 07RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
79.Jun 05RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
80.Jun 04RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-4
81.Jun 01RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
82.May 25RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-6
83.May 23RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-4
84.May 22RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-4
85.May 14RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
86.May 12RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
87.May 04RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-4
88.May 01RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
89.Apr 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart10-3
90.Apr 03RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
91.Mar 28RUBranislava DzuniSmart13-6
92.Mar 24USCandi MillikenSmart11-4
93.Mar 24USCandi MillikenSmart11-4
94.Mar 21RUBranislava DzuniSmart10-3
95.Mar 11RUBranislava DzuniSmart11-4
96.Feb 27RUBranislava DzuniSmart12-5
97.Jan 28USLynda HoldstockSmart10-3
98.Jan 04USEve ThomasSmart9-2
99.Jan 02USDonna HerridgeSmart11-4
100.Jan 02USDonna HerridgeSmart10-3

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Top Countries (submitted 'Vs Computer' scores) for 2018

1. Russian Federation Russian Federation 336
2. United States United States 66
3. Italy Italy 10
4. France France 4
5. United Kingdom United Kingdom 2
6. Serbia Serbia 1

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