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Global Top 100 'Game 1' Scores for 2019

1.Mar 10GBWAQA13003
2.Mar 14GBWAQA12503
3.Mar 14GBWAQA12403
4.Apr 18GBWAQA12303
5.Apr 14GBWAQA12303
6.Apr 02GBWAQA12103
7.Jan 30GBWAQA11603
8.Mar 13GBWAQA11403
9.Feb 19GBWAQA11403
10.Apr 18GBWAQA11203
11.Mar 14GBWAQA10903
12.Mar 31GBWAQA10503
13.Apr 04GBWAQA10202
14.Mar 15GBWAQA10103
15.Mar 14GBWAQA10003
16.Feb 15GBWAQA10003
17.Feb 03GBWAQA10003
18.Feb 28GBWAQA9903
19.Jan 23GBWAQA9903
20.Mar 24GBWAQA9803
21.Jan 10GBWAQA9603
22.Mar 01GBWAQA9503
23.Jan 30GBWAQA9503
24.Apr 18GBWAQA9403
25.Feb 24GBWAQA9403
26.Jan 23GBWAQA9403
27.Mar 06GBWAQA9303
28.Apr 18GBWAQA9203
29.Apr 17GBWAQA9203
30.Feb 10GBWAQA9203
31.Feb 01GBWAQA9203
32.Jan 28GBWAQA9203
33.Apr 04GBWAQA9202
34.Apr 03GBWAQA9202
35.Mar 06GBWAQA9003
36.Apr 18GBWAQA9002
37.Apr 07GBWAQA8803
38.Mar 29GBWAQA8803
39.Mar 11GBWAQA8803
40.Feb 14GBWAQA8803
41.Mar 19GBWAQA8701
42.Apr 17GBWAQA8603
43.Apr 24GBWAQA8602
44.Feb 05GBWAQA8602
45.Mar 29GBWAQA8503
46.Mar 06GBWAQA8502
47.Jan 25GBWAQA8502
48.Feb 19GBWAQA8403
49.Feb 28GBWAQA8303
50.Feb 10GBWAQA8303
51.Jan 10GBWAQA8302
52.Apr 14GBWAQA8301
53.Apr 23GBWAQA8203
54.Apr 17GBWAQA8203
55.Apr 18GBWAQA8202
56.Apr 03GBWAQA8202
57.Mar 14GBWAQA8202
58.Mar 26GBWAQA8103
59.Mar 20GBWAQA8103
60.Mar 18GBWAQA8103
61.Mar 08GBWAQA8103
62.Jan 28GBWAQA8103
63.Apr 23GBWAQA8003
64.Apr 03GBWAQA8003
65.Mar 29GBWAQA8003
66.Apr 24GBWAQA8002
67.Apr 02GBWAQA8002
68.Feb 12DEm28002
69.Apr 18GBWAQA7802
70.Apr 18GBWAQA7802
71.Jan 27GBWAQA7802
72.Apr 17GBWAQA7801
73.Mar 27GBWAQA7703
74.Mar 19GBWAQA7703
75.Mar 08GBWAQA7703
76.Feb 05GBWAQA7703
77.Apr 17GBWAQA7701
78.Apr 18GBWAQA7603
79.Mar 31GBWAQA7603
80.Mar 29GBWAQA7603
81.Mar 15GBWAQA7603
82.Apr 03GBWAQA7602
83.Mar 27GBWAQA7602
84.Mar 14GBWAQA7602
85.Mar 11GBWAQA7602
86.Mar 10GBWAQA7602
87.Feb 01GBWAQA7602
88.Apr 19GBWAQA7503
89.Apr 17GBWAQA7503
90.Feb 24GBWAQA7502
91.Feb 05GBWAQA7502
92.Jan 28GBWAQA7502
93.Feb 07GBWAQA7403
94.Mar 27GBWAQA7402
95.Mar 14GBWAQA7402
96.Mar 14GBWAQA7402
97.Feb 04GBWAQA7402
98.Jan 28GBWAQA7402
99.Apr 25GBWAQA7303
100.Feb 24GBWAQA7303

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Top Countries (submitted 'Game 1' scores) for 2019

1. United Kingdom United Kingdom 223
2. Germany Germany 5

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