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An app for UK train and railway enthusiasts!

Explore all the railway stations in Great Britain using this interactive app. The stations are colour-coded according to the estimated numbers of passengers using each station, with warmer colours representing the busiest stations. The distance of each station from the current location is also shown. The stations can be filtered and sorted by region, passenger usage numbers, or distance.

Data shown for each station:
- Station name
- Station three-letter-code
- Annual passenger usage (entries and exits)
- Annual passenger interchanges
- Station route
- Station location
- Distance from current location (if known)

IconEntries & exits
Over 30,000,000
Over 10,000,000
Over 3,000,000
Over 1,00,000
Over 300,000
Over 100,000
Over 30,000
Over 10,000
Under 10,000

The app has a list view and a map view.

On the list view, use the Filter button to limit which stations are shown in the list. You can also sort the list by tapping on the column name.

On the map view, you can scroll and zoom-in and out using gestures. Each station is indicated with a colour-coded icon, and is labelled with its three-letter-code. Tapping on it brings up further details about the station.

The data presented are as published by the UK government Office of Rail and Road. See here for source. Errors and omissions excepted.

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