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Global Top 100 'Pairs' Scores for 01/2018

1.Jan 08USDana Edwards207
2.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson194
3.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson191
4.Jan 27USJanise Lyn188
5.Jan 10FRSam Jhonson186
6.Jan 08USAdeline Kalloo186
7.Jan 09FRSam Jhonson184
8.Jan 09USAdeline Kalloo183
9.Jan 10FRSam Jhonson182
10.Jan 03USMary Santos182
11.Jan 08USDot Max Byers181
12.Jan 28USAdeline Kalloo179
13.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson179
14.Jan 22GBViv Goldsmith178
15.Jan 11GBViv Goldsmith178
16.Jan 27USJanise Lyn177
17.Jan 31USRoxanne Harding175
18.Jan 10FRSam Jhonson175
19.Jan 06USAdeline Kalloo175
20.Jan 07USAdeline Kalloo174
21.Jan 27USJanise Lyn173
22.Jan 22GBViv Goldsmith172
23.Jan 31USAdeline Kalloo171
24.Jan 11FRSam Jhonson171
25.Jan 09FRSam Jhonson171
26.Jan 10USAdeline Kalloo169
27.Jan 03GBChloe Hirsch169
28.Jan 11FRSam Jhonson166
29.Jan 09FRSam Jhonson166
30.Jan 09FRSam Jhonson164
31.Jan 09USAdeline Kalloo164
32.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson163
33.Jan 09USAdeline Kalloo162
34.Jan 09USAdeline Kalloo162
35.Jan 29USنور الإس161
36.Jan 06USAdeline Kalloo161
37.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo160
38.Jan 08USJanice Dick159
39.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo159
40.Jan 27USJanise Lyn158
41.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson158
42.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson157
43.Jan 31USنور الإس156
44.Jan 03AUCarmen Inderjeet155
45.Jan 21FRMon Ange154
46.Jan 09FRSam Jhonson154
47.Jan 06AUCarmen Inderjeet152
48.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo152
49.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo151
50.Jan 07USنور الإس148
51.Jan 03AUCarmen Inderjeet148
52.Jan 29USنور الإس147
53.Jan 11GBViv Goldsmith147
54.Jan 31USAdeline Kalloo146
55.Jan 31USنور الإس146
56.Jan 06USAdeline Kalloo146
57.Jan 09USAdeline Kalloo145
58.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo145
59.Jan 07FRSam Jhonson144
60.Jan 05USAdeline Kalloo144
61.Jan 05GBChloe Hirsch143
62.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo143
63.Jan 02USAdeline Kalloo143
64.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo143
65.Jan 05USAdeline Kalloo142
66.Jan 11FRSam Jhonson141
67.Jan 11FRSam Jhonson141
68.Jan 06USAdeline Kalloo140
69.Jan 05USAdeline Kalloo140
70.Jan 02USAdeline Kalloo139
71.Jan 11FRSam Jhonson138
72.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo138
73.Jan 31USRoxanne Harding137
74.Jan 08USنور الإس137
75.Jan 08USنور الإس136
76.Jan 07USAstrid Borer135
77.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo135
78.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo135
79.Jan 02USAdeline Kalloo133
80.Jan 09USAdeline Kalloo132
81.Jan 24TW悪い古い男131
82.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo131
83.Jan 02USAdeline Kalloo130
84.Jan 10USSandra Grispe129
85.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo129
86.Jan 08BRSandra Grispe125
87.Jan 11USنور الإس124
88.Jan 06USAdeline Kalloo124
89.Jan 11USنور الإس123
90.Jan 05USAdeline Kalloo123
91.Jan 10ITMaria Paola Gabr119
92.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo119
93.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo119
94.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo115
95.Jan 01USAdeline Kalloo114
96.Jan 05USAdeline Kalloo113
97.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo113
98.Jan 03USAdeline Kalloo113
99.Jan 09FRSam Jhonson112
100.Jan 05USAdeline Kalloo112

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Top Countries (submitted 'Pairs' scores) for 01/2018

1. United States United States 95
2. France France 23
3. United Kingdom United Kingdom 8
4. Australia Australia 4
5. Brazil Brazil 3
6. Sweden Sweden 1
7. Germany Germany 1
8. Italy Italy 1
9. Taiwan Taiwan 1

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