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Global Top 100 'Pairs' Scores for 07/2018

1.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov200
2.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov191
3.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov191
4.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov188
5.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov184
6.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov174
7.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov172
8.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov166
9.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov165
10.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov165
11.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov164
12.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov162
13.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov158
14.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov158
15.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov156
16.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov152
17.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov152
18.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov150
19.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov150
20.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov148
21.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov146
22.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov141
23.Jul 13ITZzu Nami U Notai140
24.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov133
25.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov132
26.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov128
27.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov125
28.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov123
29.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov121
30.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov118
31.Jul 14USTownsend Judy117
32.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov116
33.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov112
34.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov111
35.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov109
36.Jul 10MXPamela Rajunov105
37.Jul 16BRRoberto Oscar95
38.Jul 08ESMaria Elena Cifo94
39.Jul 08ESMaria Elena Cifo76
40.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov71
41.Jul 28MXPamela Rajunov63
42.Jul 17USCathleen Knapp H52
43.Jul 31MXPamela Rajunov44
44.Jul 08ESMaria Elena Cifo43
45.Jul 22USTownsend Judy0

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Top Countries (submitted 'Pairs' scores) for 07/2018

1. Mexico Mexico 37
2. Spain Spain 3
3. United States United States 3
4. Italy Italy 1
5. Brazil Brazil 1

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