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Global Top 100 'Single Player' Scores for 01/2018

1.Jan 19USPlayer1296mw
2.Jan 05USSharon Samoska1264mw
3.Jan 27USSharon Samoska1246mw
4.Jan 27USSharon Samoska1220mw
5.Jan 13USPlayer1217mw
6.Jan 20USPlayer1215mw
7.Jan 22USSharon Samoska1204mw
8.Jan 04USSharon Samoska1135mw
9.Jan 09USSharon Samoska1127mw
10.Jan 01USSharon Samoska1127mw
11.Jan 16USPlayer1109mw
12.Jan 24USSharon Samoska1108mw
13.Jan 05USSharon Samoska1094mw
14.Jan 30USSharon Samoska1084mw
15.Jan 14USPlayer1079mw
16.Jan 14USPlayer1073mw
17.Jan 25USSharon Samoska1072mw
18.Jan 29USSharon Samoska1071mw
19.Jan 17USPlayer1068mw
20.Jan 31USSharon Samoska1066mw
21.Jan 18USPlayer1066mw
22.Jan 10USSharon Samoska1054mw
23.Jan 28USSharon Samoska1051mw
24.Jan 08USSharon Samoska1051mw
25.Jan 01USSharon Samoska1051mw
26.Jan 30USSharon Samoska1049mw
27.Jan 21USPlayer1047mw
28.Jan 27USSharon Samoska1046mw
29.Jan 02USSharon Samoska1046mw
30.Jan 26USSharon Samoska1044mw
31.Jan 06USSharon Samoska1036mw
32.Jan 08USSharon Samoska1028mw
33.Jan 23USSharon Samoska1023mw
34.Jan 28USSharon Samoska1018mw
35.Jan 01USSharon Samoska1012mw
36.Jan 26USSharon Samoska997mw
37.Jan 18USPlayer996mw
38.Jan 30USSharon Samoska993mw
39.Jan 09USSharon Samoska983mw
40.Jan 14USPlayer970mw
41.Jan 17USPlayer968mw
42.Jan 09USSharon Samoska967mw
43.Jan 18USPlayer965mw
44.Jan 31USSharon Samoska959mw
45.Jan 28USSharon Samoska954mw
46.Jan 18USPlayer951mw
47.Jan 09USSharon Samoska936mw
48.Jan 30USSharon Samoska921mw
49.Jan 25USSharon Samoska920mw
50.Jan 30USSharon Samoska918mw
51.Jan 24USSharon Samoska912mw
52.Jan 16USPlayer905mw
53.Jan 24USSharon Samoska904mw
54.Jan 22USSharon Samoska904mw
55.Jan 18USPlayer903mw
56.Jan 25USSharon Samoska898mw
57.Jan 25USSharon Samoska895mw
58.Jan 09USSharon Samoska887mw
59.Jan 18USPlayer872mw
60.Jan 20USPlayer871mw
61.Jan 25USSharon Samoska867mw
62.Jan 18USPlayer865mw
63.Jan 27USSharon Samoska864mw
64.Jan 22USSharon Samoska864mw
65.Jan 25USSharon Samoska862mw
66.Jan 30USSharon Samoska859mw
67.Jan 07GBTrish Stothart855mw
68.Jan 05USSharon Samoska850mw
69.Jan 10USSharon Samoska830mw
70.Jan 18USPlayer826mw
71.Jan 30USSharon Samoska825mw
72.Jan 16USPlayer808mw
73.Jan 01USSharon Samoska805mw
74.Jan 01USSharon Samoska801mw
75.Jan 18USPlayer795mw
76.Jan 02GBTrish Stothart773mw
77.Jan 12USSharon Samoska764mw
78.Jan 24USSharon Samoska761mw
79.Jan 17USPlayer748mw
80.Jan 30USSharon Samoska745mw
81.Jan 03USConnie Pullen742mw
82.Jan 06USJean Bishop740mw
83.Jan 31USTerry Whitten735mw
84.Jan 27USSharon Samoska709mw
85.Jan 04GBTrish Stothart703mw
86.Jan 02GBTrish Stothart701mw
87.Jan 30USSharon Samoska694mw
88.Jan 24USJean Bishop686mw
89.Jan 09USJean Bishop686mw
90.Jan 07GBTrish Stothart685mw
91.Jan 05USSharon Samoska682mw
92.Jan 12USSharon Samoska670mw
93.Jan 30USJean Bishop668mw
94.Jan 14USPlayer667mw
95.Jan 22USJean Bishop658mw
96.Jan 04USSharon Samoska657mw
97.Jan 12USJean Bishop653mw
98.Jan 06USJean Bishop647mw
99.Jan 29USEva Hatt646mw
100.Jan 09USMarlene Lieb643mw

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Top Countries (submitted 'Single Player' scores) for 01/2018

1. United States United States 277
2. United Kingdom United Kingdom 5

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