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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 01/2018

1.Jan 09USShirley Archer5933
2.Jan 08CARachel Plante5002
3.Jan 31USAvanelle Leblanc4992
4.Jan 30USAvanelle Leblanc4852
5.Jan 28USGoran Goga Stoja4782
6.Jan 25USAvanelle Leblanc4422
7.Jan 06USBobbie Reed4322
8.Jan 10USCarla Haag4291
9.Jan 04USEdward Smith4221
10.Jan 04USAvanelle Leblanc4191
11.Jan 26DEm24181
12.Jan 28USGoran Goga Stoja4161
13.Jan 06DEm24111
14.Jan 09USRobert Boyd4091
15.Jan 11CARachel Plante4071
16.Jan 06USRobert Boyd4051
17.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc4031
18.Jan 11CARachel Plante4011
19.Jan 07USShirley Archer3991
20.Jan 06USRobert Boyd3901
21.Jan 31FRSandrine Grimoul3821
22.Jan 28USAvanelle Leblanc3821
23.Jan 25USJohanna Tartaro-3781
24.Jan 03NLFrans van Vliet3701
25.Jan 28USShirley Archer3681
26.Jan 24USJessica Nicole C3661
27.Jan 01FRAnnie Dore3601
28.Jan 03FRAnnie Dore3571
29.Jan 06DELinda Still3541
30.Jan 06USBobbie Reed3531
31.Jan 02USShirley Archer3501
32.Jan 05FRAnnie Dore3491
33.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc3471
34.Jan 02USRobert Boyd3341
35.Jan 03USShirley Archer3290
36.Jan 04USShirley Archer3230
37.Jan 30USPlayer3220
38.Jan 02FRAnnie Dore3220
39.Jan 11NLFrans van Vliet3200
40.Jan 26USAvanelle Leblanc3190
41.Jan 06USBobbie Reed3190
42.Jan 11USShirley Archer3180
43.Jan 06USBobbie Reed3180
44.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc3140
45.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc3130
46.Jan 03CALise Caissie3120
47.Jan 11CALise Caissie3110
48.Jan 26USJudith Shinabarg3100
49.Jan 06USBobbie Reed3100
50.Jan 27USAvanelle Leblanc3080
51.Jan 11CARachel Plante3081
52.Jan 02USEdward Smith3070
53.Jan 10CARachel Plante3040
54.Jan 08USCarla Haag3031
55.Jan 01NLFrans van Vliet3030
56.Jan 25USAvanelle Leblanc3010
57.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc3010
58.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc3010
59.Jan 10USShirley Archer2990
60.Jan 07CALise Caissie2980
61.Jan 30CARachel Plante2970
62.Jan 02CALise Caissie2970
63.Jan 11NLFrans van Vliet2960
64.Jan 27USPatrick Marwick2950
65.Jan 09CARachel Plante2940
66.Jan 30DEm22930
67.Jan 04USShirley Archer2930
68.Jan 26USShirley Archer2920
69.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2910
70.Jan 04USAvanelle Leblanc2900
71.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2900
72.Jan 06USBobbie Reed2890
73.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2890
74.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2870
75.Jan 31CARachel Plante2860
76.Jan 04CARachel Plante2860
77.Jan 26USBobbie Reed2850
78.Jan 04NLFrans van Vliet2840
79.Jan 04USShirley Archer2840
80.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2840
81.Jan 04USAvanelle Leblanc2830
82.Jan 03CARachel Plante2830
83.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2830
84.Jan 28USJo Thomas2820
85.Jan 29USAvanelle Leblanc2770
86.Jan 29USAvanelle Leblanc2770
87.Jan 31USAvanelle Leblanc2760
88.Jan 10USShirley Archer2750
89.Jan 05DEm22740
90.Jan 31USGoran Goga Stoja2730
91.Jan 26USJohanna Tartaro-2730
92.Jan 06USBobbie Reed2730
93.Jan 06USBobbie Reed2720
94.Jan 06USBobbie Reed2720
95.Jan 03USBobbie Reed2710
96.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2710
97.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2710
98.Jan 23USJohanna Tartaro-2700
99.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2700
100.Jan 03USAvanelle Leblanc2700

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 01/2018

1. United States United States 357
2. Canada Canada 89
3. France France 40
4. Germany Germany 30
5. Netherlands Netherlands 11
6. United Kingdom United Kingdom 2

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