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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 03/2019

1.Mar 15USPlayer7204
2.Mar 17USPlayer7014
3.Mar 11USjrr6423
4.Mar 18USPlayer6363
5.Mar 05GBAndstheman6203
6.Mar 17USMe6113
7.Mar 06NLG6083
8.Mar 02USAlan6083
9.Mar 01USPlayer6073
10.Mar 14USLaura6003
11.Mar 15USBob5893
12.Mar 06USKathyT5733
13.Mar 16USdeviousjo5462
14.Mar 11USTodd5362
15.Mar 03USRandy5362
16.Mar 05USPlayer5332
17.Mar 05USPlayer5302
18.Mar 14USjrr5292
19.Mar 11UST-VenB5292
20.Mar 12NLmaickel5272
21.Mar 11USnnn+nnn+5252
22.Mar 03US4...4.35252
23.Mar 01USJoy5242
24.Mar 20USRu??????????????5232
25.Mar 13USPlayer5222
26.Mar 05USu5222
27.Mar 14USRonald5212
28.Mar 12USPlayer5212
29.Mar 05USKay5212
30.Mar 15USPlayer5192
31.Mar 14USmjgarnaat5192
32.Mar 05USPlayer5192
33.Mar 05USdeviousjo5182
34.Mar 17USRandy5172
35.Mar 16US4...4.35162
36.Mar 15CATripper2225152
37.Mar 04USmad5152
38.Mar 19USShezzie5142
39.Mar 05USMike.5142
40.Mar 21US....... .n.nn. .5132
41.Mar 13USArthur5132
42.Mar 19NLRichard5102
43.Mar 19USBboys5092
44.Mar 03USMaureen Thibeau5092
45.Mar 19USPlayer5072
46.Mar 16UScba5062
47.Mar 03USPlayer5062
48.Mar 17USMaureen Thibeau5052
49.Mar 04USPlayer5052
50.Mar 01USjudiattitudy5032
51.Mar 14USGoldhelocks5022
52.Mar 04UScba5022
53.Mar 02USCheryl5022
54.Mar 02USPlayer5012
55.Mar 06FRCristof5002
56.Mar 06USRandy5002
57.Mar 19USuuu.yu4982
58.Mar 18USuuu.yu4972
59.Mar 19USPlayer4942
60.Mar 20GBT14922
61.Mar 18NLRichard4922
62.Mar 18USMe4912
63.Mar 11USMe4912
64.Mar 04USJ.C.4912
65.Mar 05USPlayer4882
66.Mar 14CAKitkat4862
67.Mar 20USKindred??4842
68.Mar 14USmjgarnaat4842
69.Mar 03USPlayer4842
70.Mar 20USJackiesue4832
71.Mar 18NLMeervlo4812
72.Mar 19USPlayer4792
73.Mar 02USPlayer4782
74.Mar 19USArthur4772
75.Mar 16GBM.U.F.C4772
76.Mar 13USPlayer4772
77.Mar 13USPlayer4762
78.Mar 06USMike.4762
79.Mar 19RUБеларусь4712
80.Mar 05USGreg4702
81.Mar 16USDavid4692
82.Mar 12USuu4682
83.Mar 14USChris-T4622
84.Mar 12USMe4622
85.Mar 04USGary4532
86.Mar 02USFlyers4512
87.Mar 17USEndiah4482
88.Mar 02USPlayer4442
89.Mar 16USPlayer4402
90.Mar 15USPlayer4382
91.Mar 04USPlayer4382
92.Mar 12USKindred??4371
93.Mar 04USTarun4361
94.Mar 20UST-VenB4352
95.Mar 16NLmarc4351
96.Mar 21USPlayer4331
97.Mar 03CA..t4301
98.Mar 17USPlayer4291
99.Mar 15USLittle Banana4291
100.Mar 14USMike.4291

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 03/2019

1. United States United States 2807
2. Netherlands Netherlands 132
3. Germany Germany 127
4. Russian Federation Russian Federation 73
5. United Kingdom United Kingdom 29
6. Canada Canada 23
7. France France 19
8. Belgium Belgium 5
9. Ireland Ireland 2
10. Romania Romania 1

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