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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 2017

1.Jun 26USKim Kilpatrick6764
2.May 12USRobert Boyd6353
3.Jun 11USKim Kilpatrick6213
4.Jan 19USVickie Fraze6213
5.Nov 27USAvanelle Leblanc6203
6.Nov 03CARachel Plante6203
7.May 18CARachel Plante6193
8.May 12DEm26163
9.Sep 19USVirginia Leabo6153
10.Jul 01USMelvina Gayo6153
11.Dec 10NLFrans van Vliet6133
12.Jun 15USKim Kilpatrick6033
13.Jan 06USEric Armstrongsr6013
14.Jan 06USBeverly Stark5993
15.Aug 14FRLydia Mogat5933
16.Aug 25USMelvina Gayo5913
17.May 19CARachel Plante5843
18.Jul 06CARachel Plante5613
19.Jan 30USVirginia Leabo5422
20.Sep 16FRLydia Mogat5332
21.Jun 06USAvanelle Leblanc5332
22.Mar 06CARachel Plante5322
23.Aug 05USKaren Emmetts5302
24.Apr 02USDiane Johnson5272
25.Mar 28USRachel Plante5272
26.Dec 14USLinda Schrecengo5262
27.May 24USLuciana Medina5252
28.Jun 26USRobert Boyd5242
29.May 08USRobert Boyd5242
30.Dec 03USAvanelle Leblanc5232
31.Feb 20USFrances Mahoney5232
32.Oct 14USJohanna Tartaro-5222
33.Mar 02USKaren Emmetts5212
34.Jan 29USRachel Plante5212
35.Feb 16ITLinda Still5202
36.Jan 08USVirginia Leabo5202
37.Feb 10USAvanelle Leblanc5192
38.Nov 03DEm25182
39.Aug 15USMelvina Gayo5182
40.May 25CARachel Plante5182
41.Dec 25FRAnnie Dore5172
42.Oct 22DEm25172
43.Jun 01USMelvina Gayo5172
44.May 30DEm25172
45.May 08USMelvina Gayo5172
46.Mar 12USKim Kilpatrick5172
47.Feb 10FRLydia Mogat5172
48.Jan 09USFrances Mahoney5162
49.Aug 24USRobert Boyd5152
50.May 31USAvanelle Leblanc5152
51.Mar 28USAmy Dale5152
52.Jun 12USLinda Law DeCasi5142
53.Jun 10DEm25142
54.Apr 11USTina Burkhart5142
55.Nov 17CARachel Plante5132
56.Aug 10DELinda Still5132
57.Jun 12USLinda Law DeCasi5132
58.Nov 05NLFrans van Vliet5122
59.Sep 28USKarlene Salvaggi5112
60.Jul 23USKaren Emmetts5112
61.Jul 10USRobert Boyd5102
62.Aug 13DEm25092
63.Jun 20USKim Kilpatrick5092
64.Jun 15CARachel Plante5082
65.Jan 16USVirginia Leabo5082
66.Jan 03USDiane Johnson5082
67.Aug 18USRachel Plante5072
68.Mar 27USVirginia Leabo5072
69.Feb 05USKaren Emmetts5062
70.Mar 14USAllen Yelvington5052
71.Mar 04USLinda Schrecengo5052
72.Jan 29USRachel Plante5052
73.Aug 04USKaren Emmetts5042
74.Oct 24CARachel Plante5032
75.Feb 23USAvanelle Leblanc5032
76.Nov 12USMelvina Gayo5022
77.Sep 13CARachel Plante5022
78.Sep 06USRobert Boyd5012
79.May 30CARachel Plante5012
80.May 21USRobert Boyd5012
81.Feb 13USVirginia Leabo5012
82.Jan 12GBJim Sykes5012
83.Jan 23USMargie Anderson5002
84.Oct 12USRobert Boyd4972
85.Apr 03USVirginia Leabo4972
86.Oct 24DEm24962
87.Apr 02FRLydia Mogat4962
88.May 30USRobert Boyd4952
89.Apr 26USRobert Boyd4952
90.Jan 24USAvanelle Leblanc4952
91.Aug 26USRobert Boyd4942
92.Aug 14USLinda Schrecengo4942
93.Jul 29FRLydia Mogat4942
94.Jan 17USRobert Boyd4942
95.Oct 16USLinda Schrecengo4932
96.Jan 18USRobert Boyd4932
97.Jul 30USRobert Boyd4922
98.Mar 12FRLydia Mogat4922
99.Oct 26DEm24912
100.Jul 20USMelvina Gayo4912

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 2017

1. United States United States 15103
2. France France 1343
3. Canada Canada 1149
4. Germany Germany 1026
5. Netherlands Netherlands 320
6. United Kingdom United Kingdom 102
7. Denmark Denmark 70
8. Italy Italy 68
9. Spain Spain 22
10. Brazil Brazil 5

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