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Block Rampage is a fast-paced tilt game where the aim is to destroy the blocks by rolling the ball into them.

Extra points are awarded for destroying three or more blocks of the same colour in a row. If you are too slow to destroy blocks, additional blocks are created.

When blocks are destroyed, they may reveal bonus rewards or unpleasant surprises:

Walls: Permanent structure that cannot destroyed or passed though.
Traps: Avoid falling in or you will loose one of your three balls.
Bouncers: These will suddenly bounce you away.
Exit: This is the exit for the level and opens when you have collected three white stars.

Clocks: Temporarily disable the timer, giving you more time to destroy blocks.
Bonus score: Temporarily give double or triple points.
Anti-trap: Destroys nearby traps.
Anti-bouncer: Destroys nearby bouncers.
White star: Three white stars are required to open the exit.
Shield: Temporary Invulnerability
Bomb: Turns your ball into a bomb, allowing you to destroy several blocks at once.
Extra ball: Gain an extra ball, or if you already have three, extra score is awarded instead.

To complete a level, find and destroy the block which covers the exit.

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