Super Bunny


Guide Super Bunny home to safety as quickly as you can. But unfortunately, the way home involves passing a series of deadly obstacles such as busy roads, rivers, farms, and hungry predators.

Features a 2D top-down scrolling map with checkpoints, and lots of hidden surprises along the route home!

There are many roads to cross - avoid getting run over by traffic or falling into manholes.

On rivers, you must make use of floating lilies, logs and turtles to cross safely.

There is also farmland with dangers such as tractors, combine harvesters, snakes and birds.

There are also animal traps, and in some places, land mines! Some levels also have military vehicles.

Eating fruit will give you more time, and you will score extra points for reaching checkpoints with plenty of time remaining.

There are mystery gifts which may contain extra time, extra points, or may slow down or speed up moving objects.

There are also extra life bonuses to be found, but using each extra life has a cost of 500 points.

Super bunny can move up, down, left or right, and is controlled as follows:

Up:   'Q' or Up-arrow
Down:   'A' or Down-arrow
Left:   ',' (comma) or Left-arrow
Right:   '.' (full-stop) or Down-arrow

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coment back by tomorrow i had 3 lives and dide on my 2 one and went back to the 1one
posted 2012-04-11 by emma

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