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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 08/2020

1.Aug 02KRPlayer1246L3
2.Aug 02USPlayer606L2
3.Aug 02USPlayer586L3
4.Aug 02USPlayer513L2
5.Aug 06THPlayer483L2
6.Aug 06THPlayer474L2
7.Aug 02KRPlayer432L2
8.Aug 06THPlayer408L3
9.Aug 02USPlayer408L2
10.Aug 02USPlayer392L2
11.Aug 01USPlayer363L2
12.Aug 02USPlayer352L2
13.Aug 02USPlayer219L3
14.Aug 02USPlayer164L3

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 08/2020

1. United States United States 9
2. Thailand Thailand 3
3. Korea South Korea South 2
4. Brazil Brazil 1

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