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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 01/2020

1.Jan 12USPlayer2945L9
2.Jan 12USphonesiskhant2183L5
3.Jan 05USPlayer2046L7
4.Jan 05USPlayer2042L7
5.Jan 13USyeet1915L5
6.Jan 05USPlayer1739L5
7.Jan 12USphonesiskhant1626L4
8.Jan 22RUия 1343L4
9.Jan 05USPlayer1291L4
10.Jan 12USPlayer1280L3
11.Jan 14USme1168L3
12.Jan 12USyeet1152L4
13.Jan 13USyeet1129L4
14.Jan 14TWPlayer950L4
15.Jan 14USme934L3
16.Jan 12USPlayer850L3
17.Jan 02PTerik O Melhor800L3
18.Jan 07USsl679L3
19.Jan 05USPlayer670L3
20.Jan 08USPlayer511L2
21.Jan 08USPlayer511L2
22.Jan 12USPlayer482L2
23.Jan 03LBKarim412L2
24.Jan 02PTerik O Melhor396L2
25.Jan 03BRMori375L2
26.Jan 13AUjosh358L3
27.Jan 04BRMorri356L4
28.Jan 03LBLeah330L3
29.Jan 03LBLeah306L3
30.Jan 11KRPlayer299L3
31.Jan 03LBLeah88L3
32.Jan 14RUия -260L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 01/2020

1. United States United States 19
2. Lebanon Lebanon 4
3. Portugal Portugal 2
4. Brazil Brazil 2
5. Russian Federation Russian Federation 2
6. Korea South Korea South 1
7. Australia Australia 1
8. Taiwan Taiwan 1

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