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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 09/2019

1.Sep 07MMTun2899L6
2.Sep 06TWPlayer2263L6
3.Sep 06USSkinnyPencil2119L7
4.Sep 11BRPlayer786L3
5.Sep 05KR999610L3
6.Sep 14THPlayer575L3
7.Sep 08BRMalu564L2
8.Sep 05BRHello484L2
9.Sep 12BRPlayer483L2
10.Sep 13KR하하하451L2
11.Sep 13KRPlayer427L2
12.Sep 10BRL4423L3
13.Sep 10BRProplayer381L2
14.Sep 13KRPlayer351L2
15.Sep 13BRPlayer225L3
16.Sep 13PTPlayer186L2
17.Sep 14THPlayer-67L2
18.Sep 15BRPlayer-120L2
19.Sep 15BRPlayer-168L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 09/2019

1. Brazil Brazil 9
2. Korea South Korea South 4
3. Thailand Thailand 2
4. Myanmar Myanmar 1
5. Portugal Portugal 1
6. Taiwan Taiwan 1
7. United States United States 1

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