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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 07/2019

1.Jul 22BYDad2340L6
2.Jul 22BYDad1788L7
3.Jul 01USPlayer1466L3
4.Jul 08USPlayer1266L5
5.Jul 08USPlayer1213L7
6.Jul 13KRPlayer993L3
7.Jul 19USPlayer967L3
8.Jul 10TWPlayer956L3
9.Jul 06USCasey Ruth931L4
10.Jul 22BYDad895L4
11.Jul 11KR나무890L3
12.Jul 12ESmans870L4
13.Jul 08USPlayer858L4
14.Jul 19USPlayer849L4
15.Jul 01USPlayer819L3
16.Jul 13KR나무814L3
17.Jul 09KR나무804L3
18.Jul 06KRRuyritj746L3
19.Jul 20KRPlayer742L3
20.Jul 19KRPlayer705L2
21.Jul 14KR뀨~693L3
22.Jul 08USPlayer668L4
23.Jul 23FRtheo652L3
24.Jul 18CNPlayer642L3
25.Jul 02USPlayer640L2
26.Jul 19USPlayer609L2
27.Jul 14CN609L4
28.Jul 15KRPlayer608L3
29.Jul 13USnatalie588L3
30.Jul 11ROPlayer582L3
31.Jul 19USPlayer559L3
32.Jul 20KR김규민557L2
33.Jul 14KR100000km LOH550L2
34.Jul 19USPlayer544L3
35.Jul 06USPlayer528L3
36.Jul 19USPlayer524L2
37.Jul 06USPlayer521L2
38.Jul 05KRPlayer520L2
39.Jul 10KRPlayer510L2
40.Jul 08KRPlayer474L2
41.Jul 07KRPlayer463L3
42.Jul 21USss444L2
43.Jul 06KRPlayer440L2
44.Jul 19KRPlayer438L2
45.Jul 05VNPlayer438L2
46.Jul 07KRPlayer433L2
47.Jul 10KRPlayer428L3
48.Jul 22KRPlayer409L2
49.Jul 06KRRuyritj409L2
50.Jul 08USPlayer409L3
51.Jul 06KRRuyritj404L2
52.Jul 07KRPlayer352L3
53.Jul 12ROPlayer339L3
54.Jul 08USPlayer338L3
55.Jul 06USPlayer323L2
56.Jul 09KR나무318L2
57.Jul 06KRPlayer315L2
58.Jul 01KR307L2
59.Jul 07KRPlayer297L2
60.Jul 20KRPlayer296L2
61.Jul 06KRRuyritj294L2
62.Jul 06KRPlayer290L2
63.Jul 12USme279L3
64.Jul 12USaudrey266L2
65.Jul 07KR나무194L3
66.Jul 11USPlayer120L3
67.Jul 19USPlayer105L2
68.Jul 19USPlayer92L2
69.Jul 11USme-13L3
70.Jul 11USPlayer-130L2
71.Jul 07KRPlayer-163L2
72.Jul 03KRPlayer-196L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 07/2019

1. Korea South Korea South 33
2. United States United States 28
3. Belarus Belarus 3
4. Romania Romania 2
5. China China 2
6. Vietnam Vietnam 1
7. Taiwan Taiwan 1
8. Spain Spain 1
9. France France 1

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