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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 03/2020

1.Mar 24DEnoah1725L7
2.Mar 24DEnoah1185L4
3.Mar 04BRPlayer1138L4
4.Mar 19ESPlayer1061L3
5.Mar 05BRPlayer997L3
6.Mar 04BRPlayer965L3
7.Mar 21USYdgdgiodg961L3
8.Mar 24VNPlayer919L4
9.Mar 20BRSamuel884L4
10.Mar 05BRPlayer866L3
11.Mar 20CLPlayer831L3
12.Mar 24VNPlayer677L4
13.Mar 29ESPlayer601L4
14.Mar 24VNPlayer561L3
15.Mar 20USPlayer552L2
16.Mar 24VNPlayer548L2
17.Mar 25DEnoah500L2
18.Mar 24USPlayer467L3
19.Mar 30USPlayer422L2
20.Mar 21USYdgdgiodjdgfjdgg417L2
21.Mar 23VNPlayer409L2
22.Mar 11GBPlayer384L2
23.Mar 21USYdgdgiodjdgfjdgg380L2
24.Mar 22VNPlayer349L2
25.Mar 26BRLARA344L2
26.Mar 21USYdgdgiodg296L3
27.Mar 22USPlayer202L3
28.Mar 22USPlayer173L3
29.Mar 23VNPlayer88L3
30.Mar 24VNPlayer68L2
31.Mar 20USPlayer51L2
32.Mar 24DEnoah39L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 03/2020

1. United States United States 10
2. Vietnam Vietnam 8
3. Brazil Brazil 6
4. Germany Germany 4
5. Spain Spain 2
6. United Kingdom United Kingdom 1
7. Chile Chile 1

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