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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 05/2019

1.May 10USPlayer4187L11
2.May 01USPlayer3582L9
3.May 03USPlayer3180L9
4.May 01USPlayer3151L8
5.May 01USskin zpdodpdlz2642L7
6.May 07USPlayer2545L7
7.May 01USPlayer2007L7
8.May 10USPlayer1848L5
9.May 11USျပင္သg1812L5
10.May 01USPlayer1808L7
11.May 01USPlayer1751L5
12.May 04USPlayer1730L5
13.May 19USchza561668L5
14.May 01USPlayer1384L5
15.May 02USPlayer1272L4
16.May 19USPlayer1234L4
17.May 19CNliu1154L3
18.May 01USPlayer928L5
19.May 10USgnhgfvhb Ff2 dxd926L3
20.May 22USJenny918L3
21.May 09USPlayer905L3
22.May 22USJenny887L3
23.May 09USPlayer821L3
24.May 14USPlayer777L4
25.May 20USJenny670L3
26.May 01USPlayer662L3
27.May 01USPlayer655L2
28.May 01FRPlayer642L3
29.May 20USJenny637L3
30.May 15USPlayer589L2
31.May 16GBLMW 06.05.19588L4
32.May 20USJenny515L2
33.May 01USPlayer481L2
34.May 02USPlayer480L2
35.May 02USPlayer480L2
36.May 22ROPlayer473L2
37.May 20ROclaudiuMadalinam469L2
38.May 08USgnhgfvhb Ff2 dxd466L2
39.May 24KR파란 파라솔455L2
40.May 06USPlayer443L2
41.May 09USPlayer412L2
42.May 22USJenny404L2
43.May 06USPlayer393L2
44.May 22USJenny386L2
45.May 21USJenny377L2
46.May 20USJenny371L2
47.May 09USPlayer371L3
48.May 10USgnhgfvhb Ff2 dxd356L3
49.May 22USJenny351L2
50.May 06USPlayer326L2
51.May 20USJenny319L2
52.May 20USJenny301L2
53.May 20USJenny284L2
54.May 20USJenny277L2
55.May 20ROclaudiu45L3
56.May 05USFLOWER24L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 05/2019

1. United States United States 49
2. Romania Romania 3
3. France France 1
4. United Kingdom United Kingdom 1
5. China China 1
6. Korea South Korea South 1

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