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This program calculates and displays clock related information for unusual time systems. The purpose of the app is just for fun and education about alternative time systems.

Currently supported are:

No guarantees are made regarding accuracy or correctness of this software.

See Also:
Geek Calendar Tool - Show information on various calendar systems.
Daylight World Map - Show which parts of the Earth are in daylight.

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Recent Update


The clock-related information was previously in a separate app, the Geek Calendar Tool.

Newest games:
Word Star - A multiplayer game of creating words against the clock.
Twins Memory Tournament - Puzzle game to test your memory and train your brain.
Quiz Quest - Join Professor Android for this multiplayer online quiz challenge.

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Recent comments

Wear OS I would really enjoy a wear OS clock face that could display these alternative clocks. I want these clocks on my smartwatch.
posted 2018-07-22 by Nate
It's a good point! Will bear it in mind for a future release.

Hex Clock Hi. I believe that we must all switch to hexadecimal, because there are many advantages that many do not see. The hexclock is the first way that I think we can change this. If you could somehow make an app or an interface that switches everything to hexadecimal, and shows the time in hex time, it could be revolutionary.
posted 2017-03-04 by Justin Choi

New Clocks It may be worthwhile to make the system clock 60x60x60 ( 60 hours , 60 minutes , 60 seconds ) and 24x60x60x60 ( 24 hours , 60 minutes , 60 seconds , 60 thirds instead of 100 centiseconds )
posted 2015-07-30 by Dawid

I am a technically frustrated nerd, please help When I edit the time on the clock, the seconds stop ticking. I'm interested in decimal time and have the fancy idea of starting the 0.00 at high noon. I can't find a single decimal clock app that will allow me to adjust the clock like a wrist watch. I was hoping you could help me out. Ps. I hadn't heard of the alternative hex time etc. ....fascinating.. Thanks for that.
posted 2015-07-08 by Rob
I see what you mean - and I agree! After adjustment the clock should continue to tick, by retaining in the same offset from the current time. I had a look in the code and this should be fairly easy to implement. Keep an eye out for a new release in the next few days or so.

24 hour clock Please can you turn the 24 hour clock face the other way up ie with 0 at the top and 12 at the bottom. It just makes it easier to read.
posted 2015-05-27 by Bill Robertson
The idea is the lower (dark) half represents night-time. Hmm, perhaps I could make an option setting to have it the other way.

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