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This program calculates and displays clock related information for unusual time systems. The purpose of the app is just for fun and education about alternative time systems.

Currently supported are:

No guarantees are made regarding accuracy or correctness of this software.

See Also:
Geek Calendar Tool - Show information on various calendar systems.
Daylight World Map - Show which parts of the Earth are in daylight.

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Recent Update

5 Oct 2020
Geek Clock Tool V1.38 released - Added clock face dark mode.


The clock-related information was previously in a separate app, the Geek Calendar Tool.

Newest games:
Word Star - A multiplayer game of creating words against the clock.
Twins Memory Tournament - Puzzle game to test your memory and train your brain.
Quiz Quest - Join Professor Android for this multiplayer online quiz challenge.

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Recent comments

Widgets If only the widgets had the minor divisions of time too. In the app clocks run smoothly but not in widgets so please fix it. otherwise it's great!!!!!
posted 2020-08-31 by Pranav
Thanks for your question. The widgets are not allowed to update their state very often, as being visible on the home screen, it would cause too much battery drain on the device. That's why the minor divisions are not shown on the widgets!

Double decimaltime Hi, How about a Double decimal time? I'm almost obsessed with it and have been looking for such a clock for nearly infinite time. .. :) just 20 hours instead of 24. 10 at day, 10 at night, every hour has 100 minutes, every minute 100 seconds. : D
posted 2020-07-26 by Aaron

true Binary time rules! It's hard to find, and I think it's the best. Thank you for making it available. If there were wristwatches and wall clocks of it, i'd get them.
posted 2019-11-10 by Fellow nerd

True Dozenal Clock Thanks for app! I would like to see a clock with the day divided in 12 units, those units divided in 12 etc. Probably three hands is enough. Having the 6 at top would be ideal (representing the relative position of the sun). Note that the first unit = 2 hours, the second = 10 minutes, the third = 50 seconds (and furthermore the fourth = apx. 4 seconds, the fifth = apx 1/3 second).
posted 2019-06-01 by Tom

Wear OS I would really enjoy a wear OS clock face that could display these alternative clocks. I want these clocks on my smartwatch.
posted 2018-07-22 by Nate
It's a good point! Will bear it in mind for a future release.

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