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This program calculates and displays calendar-related information. For a given date, the various information about different calendar systems is available:

Dates are written in International Standard ISO-8601 "year-month-day" format. No guarantees are made regarding accuracy or correctness of this software.

- Claus Tondering's Calendar FAQ is an excellent source of calendar-related information.
- SourceForge zmanim project - Jewish Calendar Calculation.
- Bryan Derksen - Maya Numerals.

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Recent Update

31 May 2018
Geek Calendar Tool V1.38 released - Add Mayan language support; Add Mayan calendar icons; Fix date setting crash.


Clock related information: The decimal, hex, and binary clocks have been improved and moved into a separate app, Geek Clock Tool.

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Twins Memory Tournament - Puzzle game to test your memory and train your brain.
Quiz Quest - Join Professor Android for this multiplayer online quiz challenge.

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Recent comments

Geek calendar Nice Work. Whats about the Discordian Calendar? Thx
posted 2016-03-17 by G. Nike
Thanks. Hadn't heard of the Discordian Calendar before, will look into to see how feasible it would be.

Hebraic clock widget Can you program the day change timing to correspond to sunset, not midnight? This would make it accurate. Or would that be too hard? Thx.
posted 2015-09-14 by Mmagee
Good question! The problem is sunset is different not only depending on the time of year, but also the observer's latitude. So it would be necessary to know the person's location. That does make it a lot harder, not to mention the extra permissions etc the phone would need to ask for. For a relatively minor feature it's probably not worth the effort. It's an interesting point though!

Martian Calendar Several different calendars have been devised for future use on Mars. I think it'd be cool to have one of those in the geek calendar tool.
posted 2015-06-01 by ArtpholomuleNutt

request for a different calendar Please add the Symmetry454 calendar to geek calendar tool!
posted 2014-04-20 by dormouse
Hi thanks for the suggestion. Interesting idea, I'll look into it for a future version.

Just so we are not all on the same page. The coolest things about the French Revolutionary Calendar is not available on the app: the name given to the day of the year. For this information I have to access Wikipedia. I'd love if it was somehow included in the app. Another point is that the widget can be hard to read depending on the wallpaper used. Perhaps options for the widget background could make it easier to adjust.
posted 2014-02-02 by Corey Sati
It's a good point about the day names, I'll try to add that in the next version. In the latest version, I added an option to change the colour of the widget - this was to try to help solve the problem of people having different wallpapers.

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