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Shows which parts of the world are in daylight, which are in twilight, and which are in darkness. The approximate positions of the sun and moon (projected on to the Earth) are also shown.

Various locations around the world can be selected, and the date and time can be changed. For the currently selected location and the current date and time, information such as the number of daylight hours and sunrise/sunset times are shown in the information panel.

The map can also be animated to show the passage of light and shadow across the surface of the Earth over time. The speed can be selected using the "Time Step" control.

The program makes some approximations; do not rely on the results to be totally accurate, they are intended as a guide only.

Daylight World Map ©1998-2015 Steve Pugh, SPWebGames.

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Recent comments

Moon data Please add an option for moon data. Az, elev, rise, set, coord of location, percent full. Great program. Registered user.
posted 2016-02-24 by George Stein

globe view Is globe view intended to be put on the android app version, instead of just this web version? Also, as the sunrise/set line is almost a great circle (and definitely is a plane circle) there should be a rotation of the earth globe that shows this terminator as a straight line in head-on in the plane of the circle, but this never appears on the globe view
posted 2014-06-10 by Charles Kluepfel
Hi Charles. Thanks for your message. And very well spotted! In fact it's exactly that problem with the sunrise/sunset terminator which leads me to believe I have not programmed the global view sufficiently accurately. That's also largely the reason I haven't ported that feature to Android.

Yin & Yang I has been thinking that the Yin & Yang cycle created in China was the result of observing the movement of Sun and Moon in Day and Night more than 5,000 years ago. Your simulation had proven my hypothesis. Well done! Steve
posted 2012-05-29 by Paschal

Request Wonderful program that I've been using for months now. Appreciate that you have now added equator, tropics and arctics. Would it be possible to add the Prime Meridian and International Date Line also?
posted 2012-03-23 by Tom

Cities In the USA you show Peoria? But don't show Cleveland, Cincinatti or Columbus? What kind of app is this?
posted 2010-10-12 by Dave

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