* Football Prediction Competition

A competition where the aim is to predict football results from the English Premiership. Predict the final scores for a selection of matches before the start of the season, then earn points for accurate predictions as the season progresses!

Status: The Competition for season 2012-2013 is complete!

Competition Results for Season 2012-13

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Instructions and rules

The aim of the game is to accurately predict the results of 38 Premiership football matches.

(1) The game is free to enter and just for fun.
(2) You must Log In before entering the competition. New Users must Register.
(3) New entrants can only be accepted before a new football season begins (usually early August).
(4) Each player supplies predictions for 38 randomly chosen matches which will be played throughout the season.
(5) A player may not predict the same scoreline more than 8 times.
(6) Points are awarded to players as follows:
 - Five points for each correctly predicted scoreline.
 - Two points for each incorrect scoreline but correct result (i.e. home win, away win or draw).
 - One point for each incorrect result but correct number of goals predicted for one team only.

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posted 2012-01-12 by naeeme

points should i have a point awarded for west ham v everton
posted 2011-01-24 by john derbyshire

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