Ghost Munch


Classic arcade gaming but set in the world of Android. The aim is to control the green Android to eat all the diamonds in the maze while avoiding the ghosts. Power-ups are available in the form of Android release names (cupcake, donut, eclair, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich). Eating one of these powerups turns the ghosts green for a short time, during which Android can eat them. Fruit bonuses also appear and can be eaten for additional points.

Once all the diamonds have been eaten the level is complete. Each level is progressively more difficult as the effectiveness of the power-ups gradually decreases. In this version, there are 6 levels to complete in total.

There are several mazes to choose from:
Classic Munch is roughly based on the original arcade game maze;
Mini Munch is a smaller maze for quicker games;
Super Munch and Mega Munch are larger, more difficult mazes to provide an extra challenge!

For best results try out the Android version!

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