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Global Top 100 'Classic Munch' Scores for 07/2019

1.Jul 09HKtak44800L6
2.Jul 01HKtak44650L6
3.Jul 18HKtak44220L6
4.Jul 10HK。。。。43870L6
5.Jul 20HKkiller43700L6
6.Jul 08HKwin43300L6
7.Jul 18HKwayne wong43050L6
8.Jul 20HKPlayer42720L6
9.Jul 14HK。。。。42220L5
10.Jul 02HK。。。。42130L6
11.Jul 19HKwin41920L6
12.Jul 11HKwayne wong41080L6
13.Jul 01HK。。。。40380L5
14.Jul 23HKwayne wong40290L6
15.Jul 06HKkiller40170L5
16.Jul 05HKkiller39590L5
17.Jul 04HKkiller39420L6
18.Jul 15HKPlayer38850L5
19.Jul 07HKwin38820L5
20.Jul 12HKPlayer38760L5
21.Jul 06HKwin38500L5
22.Jul 10HKwayne wong38470L5
23.Jul 10HKkiller38210L5
24.Jul 17HKPlayer37700L5
25.Jul 08HKwayne wong37420L5
26.Jul 03HKwaynewong36980L6
27.Jul 03HKPlayer36940L5
28.Jul 18HKPlayer36750L5
29.Jul 22HKwayne wong36610L6
30.Jul 09HKwayne wong36550L4
31.Jul 21HKwayne wong36520L5
32.Jul 18HKwayne wong35970L6
33.Jul 19HKwayne wong35910L6
34.Jul 01HKPlayer35880L4
35.Jul 18HKwayne wong35190L6
36.Jul 20HKwayne wong34960L5
37.Jul 17HKPlayer34900L4
38.Jul 22HKwayne wong34750L5
39.Jul 21HKPlayer34540L4
40.Jul 11HKwayne wong34350L6
41.Jul 17HKwayne wong33670L5
42.Jul 18HKwayne wong33610L5
43.Jul 17HKwayne wong33540L5
44.Jul 18HKwayne wong33500L4
45.Jul 04HKwayne wong33270L4
46.Jul 14HKwayne wong32940L5
47.Jul 20HKwayne wong32840L5
48.Jul 22HKwayne wong32310L5
49.Jul 18HKwayne wong32250L5
50.Jul 23HKwayne wong32030L5
51.Jul 14HKwayne wong31740L4
52.Jul 15HKwayne wong31650L5
53.Jul 16HKPlayer31620L4
54.Jul 17HKwaynewong31510L4
55.Jul 19HKwaynewong31360L5
56.Jul 03HKwayne wong31320L5
57.Jul 17HKwayne wong31070L4
58.Jul 10HKwayne wong30780L5
59.Jul 13HKwayne wong30770L4
60.Jul 19HKwaynewong30720L4
61.Jul 15HKwayne wong30570L5
62.Jul 06HKwayne wong30460L5
63.Jul 11HKwayne wong30370L4
64.Jul 10HKwayne wong30090L4
65.Jul 12HKwayne wong29980L5
66.Jul 04HKwayne wong29790L4
67.Jul 23HKwaynewong29770L4
68.Jul 17HKwayne wong29400L3
69.Jul 03HKwayne wong29360L4
70.Jul 08HKwayne wong29090L4
71.Jul 03HKwayne wong28850L4
72.Jul 01HKwayne wong28750L3
73.Jul 23HKwaynewong28600L4
74.Jul 14HKwayne wong28210L4
75.Jul 13HKwayne wong27890L4
76.Jul 18HKwayne wong27840L4
77.Jul 01HKPlayer27750L3
78.Jul 03HKwaynewong27680L4
79.Jul 19HKwayne wong27250L5
80.Jul 01HKwayne wong27030L4
81.Jul 04HKwayne wong26750L4
82.Jul 17HKwayne wong26730L4
83.Jul 04HKwayne wong26580L4
84.Jul 10HKwayne wong26560L4
85.Jul 22HKwayne wong26550L3
86.Jul 03HKwayne wong26420L3
87.Jul 18HKwaynewong26340L3
88.Jul 03HKwayne wong26270L4
89.Jul 23HKwayne wong26170L3
90.Jul 15HKPlayer26000L3
91.Jul 13HKwayne wong25990L3
92.Jul 11HKwayne wong25990L3
93.Jul 15HKwayne wong25930L3
94.Jul 18HKwayne wong25820L3
95.Jul 18HKwayne wong25740L4
96.Jul 22HKwayne wong25660L4
97.Jul 17HKwaynewong25640L3
98.Jul 11HKwayne wong25630L3
99.Jul 04HKPlayer25330L3
100.Jul 03HKwayne wong25260L3

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic Munch' scores) for 07/2019

1. Hong Kong Hong Kong 196
2. United Kingdom United Kingdom 54
3. United States United States 39
4. Portugal Portugal 31
5. China China 16
6. Brazil Brazil 14
7. Spain Spain 5
8. South Africa South Africa 5
9. Russian Federation Russian Federation 4
10. France France 2

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