Gravity Simulator

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This is a planetary (or any other object) simulator which makes use of Newton's Law of Gravitation to show the positions of the planets as a function of time. The simulation parameters can be edited, and planets/objects can be added and removed. The accuracy of the simulation is totally dependent on the "timestep" parameter.

Here are the currently available starting configurations:

Not working? This application requires Java plug-in.
You can get Java from http://java.sun.com/getjava.

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Recent comments

Dark Matter I ran the simulation of the Inner Planet and encroaching body. After 18 years I think the Earth starts to orbit a dark unseen body - not sure what's goiing on there? It might be dark matte, or the fact I sped up the simulation
posted 2009-07-04 by IanA

Cosmic Calamity What about simulating the collision of two galaxies?
posted 2009-07-04 by IanA

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