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LeagueTools is an open-source Java project. The aim is to enable users to manage sports competitions and results. Facilities exist for creating and editing match results, and for viewing league tables and other statistical information.

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Application not working? This application requires Java plug-in.
You can get Java from http://java.sun.com/getjava.


Typical uses may be:
- enabling competition or tournament organisers to record results and calculate league-table standings.
- Allowing sports fans to keep track of the results of their favourite sport and view statistical information on results/teams/etc.

Example Datasets

The are a variery of football (soccer) competition results that can be loaded into LeagueTools.
Currently available results:
1. FIFA World Cup - All results since the first World Cup in 1930.
2. English Premiership - Every match result since 1992.
3. F.A. Cup - Results for every final (1872-Present)
4. UEFA Champions - Results from every final (1956-Present).

UEFA Champions League / European Cup

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