Monster Maze


Collect the treasures (crowns) from a maze while avoiding the three monsters. If you are caught by a monster, you will lose one of your three lives.

Use the arrow keys to move around the maze. Note the radar showing the positions of the monsters, yourself, and the treasures to be collected. Once you have picked up all the treasures, you can head for the exit to complete the level.

Levels may also have doors which can be opened with the correct colour key. Monsters can only pass through doors of the same colour. Use doors strategically to avoid monsters.

Points are awarded for each crown collected, and for escaping from a maze. Bonus points are awarded if these tasks are completed quickly.

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cool z it is the best maze ever it rocks and so do i man.
posted 2012-06-17 by zacky

Jolie I love monster maze
posted 2011-10-10 by sierra

stupid this is very boring it sucks
posted 2011-06-17 by babara

scary maze i haven't played yet
posted 2011-04-04 by vookiy

1250 Hi1 I'm Noah Stran.
posted 2010-11-25 by Noah Stran

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