Reversi (sometimes known as "Othello") is a two-player strategy game where the players take turns to put counters on an 8x8 square board. When a player places a counter, it captures any of his opponent's counters which become "sandwiched" by his own. Captured counters change colour to indicate which player has captured them.

Each turn, you must place a counter on a square that results in at least one opposing counter being captured. As you move the mouse over a square, a small tick or cross will appear to indicate whether it is a valid move. Occasionally a player may not be able to make a legal move in which case he will forfeit his turn.

The game ends when all the squares on the board are filled with counters. The winner is the player who has the most counters.

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my lovely game please if anyone wants to play othello with me ??
posted 2015-11-25 by fatimah matthew

Disconnected! The system announces that I have disconnected in over 20 games while I am still playing with time to spare. Disabled power saving mode and my web connection is fast and reliable. Annoying and frustrating from Samsung Android.
posted 2015-07-22 by Zatoichi
Sorry to hear about that. As with any internet-based service, there can be occasional connection problems. Most users report good connections, but there are occasional reports of lost connections for some users. If you continue to get problems, send me the details (name, time, opponent) and I'll check the server logs.

jogar online tenho instalado no meu samsumg e gostaria de saber como faço para ver os jogadores que estao disponivel, pois tenho que ficar aguardando ser convidado para jogar I have installed on my samsung and would like to know how do I see the players who are available, because I have to keep waiting to be invited to play
posted 2012-10-18 by kleber cristian
It's not currently possible to see the list of online players - however, as soon as a player connects with matching settings in game options, you should be automatically paired together. Usually there are enough other players that you shouldn't need to wait for that a few minutes.

x Tried the newest app version from earlier today and indeed the system to find and accept matches is now working properly and is easy to both understand and use. Good work! However, I must say that I like the original system better. By that I mean the system where you got matched with a random player and didnt get the option to decline the game after you found out who you were up against.
posted 2011-09-11 by Arne H

Questions 1. For a while now, only the New server works, while the Old one gives a connection error. Is this intentional? (I, for one, do not like the interface to connect to the New server). 2. There are some players listed on the web ranking who are not shown in the in-game ranking. (Such as Jumjum the swedish cheater listed as no 1 on the web, but doesnt show in-game). What is the deal here?
posted 2011-09-10 by Arne H
Hi Arne, 1. The Old Server is still not working unfortunately. The New Server is working. Also, a new version of the app was released today with an improved interface for the New Server. This should make it easier join games. Check out the latest changes! 2. The in-game ranking only shows players active in the last 30 days. I fixed the web ranking page today so that it is consistent.

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