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Join Professor Android for this Quiz Quest on a range of subjects. You can play single-player challenges, play against the computer, or online games against other players all around the world (Android version only).

The answers are all multiple choice, with more points awarded for answering questions quickly. You can also play up to 3 "jokers" per game - playing a joker gives double points for that question.

In this version you can play simulated online matches - against the computer. To win, you must answer questions correctly in a faster time than your opponent.

To play real online matches against other players, download the Android version to your phone!

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Recent comments

im getting the hang of it yes finally i got this oh yeah
posted 2018-07-09 by breanna

The game won't load It seems that the app won't load at all. It seems like it has some kind of glitch. I don't understand what's going on at all. Would you mind trying to fix it? I have Safari. It's the biggest pain to deal with. It just keeps trying to load when it's not loading at all. It doesn't even give it a chance before it tries again.
posted 2016-06-09 by Tori
Thanks for reporting it, I would like to understand the problem and fix it. I have tested the app in Chrome and Firefox and it seems to loads OK. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac/Safari to test it on, but it should (in theory) work across all browsers. I don't know whether you have access to other web browers as well, but it would be nice to see if you get the same problem on others too? Can you let me know whether it does show "Loading XX%" on the screen and then gets stuck, or whether it shows nothing at all?

Plants & animals Question was: what spice is obtained from the crocus. Correct answer should be saffron - but answer in game was juniper! oh whoops, please do your homework!
posted 2016-02-10 by Amy Dale
Thanks for reporting it, sometimes the occasional mistake does creep in. But on this occasion it looks correct - I had a look in the question database, the correct answer does appear to be set to Saffron, so I'm not sure why it would have said Juniper. Let me know if you get any more cases like that, especially in that category, as it may indicate a bug.

Quiz quest I have encountered many incorrect answers on these quizzes.
posted 2015-09-16 by pgibsonol
Let me know any incorrect questions/answers, and I will correct them!

online rankings My online play is ranked on the web, but my single player is not. What's happening? Cheers
posted 2012-02-26 by dave
Yes, the player rankings are intented to be for online games only. The single player games are saved separately.

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