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Join Professor Android for this Quiz Quest on a range of subjects. You can play single-player challenges, play against the computer, or online games against other players all around the world. High-scores, player rankings, and Achievements are also included.

The answers are all multiple choice, with more points awarded for answering questions quickly. You can also play up to 3 "jokers" per game - playing a joker gives double points for that question.

Online play requires two players to be connected at the same time. When you are connected, you will be notified when an opponent is available. To win, you must answer questions correctly in a faster time than your opponent. If there are no opponents available, why not persuade a friend to download the game and challenge them!

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Recent Update

6 Nov 2022
Quiz Quest V1.44 released - Support recent Android versions, fix notification crash.


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Recent comments

i do not know what to do ummm can someone like help me im confused very much
posted 2018-07-09 by breanna

Hi My profile displays the wrong flag. My profile name is dolroc Nigeria
posted 2014-11-06 by dol roc
The flag shown is determined by your phone's country setting.

global scoreboard Why doesn't my single player score show on the global leader board. I am signed in and I got a score of 1547 today. Is there anything else I need to do? Thank you.
posted 2014-10-29 by flamingo
Sorry to hear that. Sometimes your score will not appear immediately. Also, it will only be submitted to the global score list if internet was available on your device at the time. If it didn't appear, there might have been a temporary glitch in internet connectivity.

Mistake The flag of the Dem. Rep. of the Congo is not the current one.
posted 2013-10-22 by Rafale
Thanks for the heads up. It will be updated in the next release.

application freezes When I play vs the computer the game freezes when I choose the "Intelligent" level.
posted 2013-08-04 by Anonymous
Thanks for the report. Could you give some more information about this problem: Does this happen every time? Does it only happen on "Intelligent" level? Does it depend on which question category is chosen? At what point does it freeze? Thanks.

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