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Top 100 Ranked Players - Global

1.Mar 20UScindy 23842 stars
2.Mar 20USMeowpow 23942 stars
3.Feb 01NZOllie 14812 stars
4.Feb 01DESusan 14511 stars
5.Mar 04GBTino 8511 stars
6.Feb 07USSwoll 11501 stars
7.Mar 04GBSusie 8211 stars
8.Feb 02USSWOLL 7201 stars
9.Mar 17USSwizzil 5211 stars

¹ Table shows players active since 2018-12-26
² Rating is calculated after 38 matches played

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Top Countries (ranked players)

1. United States United States 5615See rankings for United States
2. United Kingdom United Kingdom 2619See rankings for United Kingdom
3. Netherlands Netherlands 223See rankings for Netherlands
4. Canada Canada 190See rankings for Canada
5. Australia Australia 163See rankings for Australia
6. Germany Germany 159See rankings for Germany
7. Sweden Sweden 135See rankings for Sweden
8. Croatia Croatia 127See rankings for Croatia
9. Romania Romania 112See rankings for Romania
10. India India 104See rankings for India

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