Crazy Billiards


A fun snooker-like game where the aim is to pot all the coloured balls in as few turns as possible. Solve each level by potting the balls in the correct order, but beware of on-table obstacles. Differently shaped tables are available, and in some levels there are some unusual ball and pocket placements.

There is one white cueball, and variously coloured object balls: red (worth 20 points), yellow (30 points), brown (40 points), blue (50 points), pink (60 points), and black (70 points). The balls must be pocketed in the correct order starting with the lowest value. If you correctly pot balls on consecutive shots, you gain a "break" bonus.

You have a fixed number shots to pot all balls, depending on the table. If you make a foul shot (e.g. by potting or hitting an incorrect ball, or missing all the object balls) then there is a two shot penalty. Any left over shots are worth 10 points each and are added to your final score.

Control the speed of the cue-ball by clicking on the "Speed" indicator or by pressing SPACE bar.
To take the shot, click the mouse button or press RETURN - the cue ball will move in the direction of the mouse pointer.

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Del Hey
posted 2011-07-17 by Delmar

Names confession guys No 1 Double Bill Billy the Fish & Bill Waldron are all the same person
posted 2010-06-08 by Bill Waldron

snooker try n win
posted 2009-06-01 by sam 2009

g boringggg!!!
posted 2008-11-19 by gfherhd

mini snooker i like snooker it is good
posted 2008-02-19 by marteen

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