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Global Top 100 'Game 1' Scores for 2020

1.Jan 15GBWAQA11303
2.Jan 24GBWAQA10803
3.Jan 03GBWAQA10303
4.Jan 13GBWAQA9203
5.Jan 13GBWAQA7902
6.Jan 03GBWAQA7702
7.Jan 24GBWAQA7402
8.Jan 26GBWAQA7203
9.Jan 24GBWAQA7202
10.Jan 03GBWAQA7002
11.Jan 14GBWAQA6902
12.Jan 03GBWAQA6302
13.Jan 23GBWAQA6301
14.Jan 13GBWAQA6301
15.Jan 26GBWAQA5902
16.Jan 03GBWAQA5802
17.Jan 26GBWAQA5501
18.Jan 26GBWAQA5501
19.Jan 26GBWAQA5401
20.Jan 26GBWAQA5301
21.Jan 20GBWAQA5101
22.Jan 15GBWAQA4601
23.Jan 20GBWAQA4401
24.Jan 24GBWAQA3901
25.Jan 03GBWAQA2800
26.Jan 03GBWAQA2100
27.Jan 15GBWAQA1300

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Top Countries (submitted 'Game 1' scores) for 2020

1. United Kingdom United Kingdom 27

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