Your task is to take control of a space ship in a two-dimensional world with strong gravity. You control your ship by rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise, and thrusting forward. It's similar in concept to the old Commodore-64 game called Thrust and the network game XPilot.

The game map consists of cavern-like area containing enemy bases. You must shoot and destroy the bases before they shoot you. It takes several shots to eliminate a base. Each destroyed base scores 10 points, and gives you an opportunity to collect fuel from the wreckage. Occasionally, enemy space ships also appear and are worth 20 points.

You lose one of your three lives if you crash into a wall or you are shot by an enemy. Also, take care not to run out of fuel, as your ship will not be manouverable causing you to crash. At the beginning of each life your ship will briefly flash green to indicate invulnerablity to bullets.

Enemy Base

Enemy Ships

A, Z, LeftArrow:   Rotate anti-clockwise.
S, X, RightArrow:   Rotate clockwise.
Space, Shift, UpArrow:   Thrust.
Return, Enter, B:   Fire bullet.
P, Pause:   Pause game.

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uhhhhhh whats the point?
posted 2009-03-11 by caysee

bla This game is super hard. it makes me mad
posted 2009-03-11 by Justin H.

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