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A labyrinth-style tilt game with a difference! What could be more fun than squishing bugs?

Roll the ball around the maze by tilting your phone.

Squish the bugs by runnning over them. When all the bugs in the maze are squished, the exit will open.

Points are awarded for squishing bugs and completing the maze in the fastest time. By playing well and earning stars, harder levels become unlocked.

Avoid the traps in the ground. If you fall in more than once there will be a time penalty. Some levels also have additional obstacles such as mounds and dips.

Doors require the same colour key before you can pass through. Only bugs can pass through the black doors.

Power-ups can be found: the clock gives you more time; the green star gives you triple points!

You can pause the game by touching the screen.

A bonus level will appear if you play well enough :-P

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tilt controls Tilt controls are wrong on my android tablet, a setting would be a good idea
posted 2012-01-03 by pete
Hi Pete, Thanks for the report, I haven't it tested on a tablet. Which tablet do you have? Can you give more details on why the tilt controls are wrong, i.e. sensitivity, horizontal/vertical axis problem, etc?

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