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Twins is a fun puzzle game to test your memory and help train your brain! You can play single player challenges or compete against the computer. The Android version also supports real-time online matches against other players!

There are currently two different memory games:

Game 1: Pairs

In this game, you have to match up the identical pictures. There are 24 locations each hiding a figure. Every figure has its twin also hiding in one of the locations.

Click on one of the locations to reveal what is hiding there. When you have uncovered two locations, if identical figures are found they will remain uncovered. Otherwise, both the locations will be hidden again. You must try to remember which figures were in which locations.

The aim is to uncover all the figures by finding all the matching pairs. The faster you do it, the higher your score!

If you play against the computer, you will take turns to pick pairs. The aim is to find more matching pairs than your opponent.

Game 2: Sequence

In the sequence game, you have to watch the sequence of figures being revealed. Try to remember the sequence.

Next, the figures that were shown in the sequence are shown in a jumbled order. Simply click on the figures in the correct order they first appeared, in as fast a time as possible.

In matches against the computer, you need to get the sequence correct in a faster time than your opponent.

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