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Global Top 100 'Pairs Time Trail' Scores for 08/2021

1.Aug 04GBSwee Fong198
2.Aug 03GBSwee Fong197
3.Aug 04GBSwee Fong196
4.Aug 02GBSwee Fong191
5.Aug 01GBSwee Fong190
6.Aug 02GBSwee Fong174
7.Aug 02GBSwee Fong173
8.Aug 01GBSwee Fong170
9.Aug 02GBSwee Fong166
10.Aug 01GBSwee Fong148
11.Aug 04GBSwee Fong134

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Top Countries (submitted 'Pairs Time Trail' scores) for 08/2021

1. United Kingdom United Kingdom 11

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