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A fun game of creating words from a jumble of letters. Requires quick thinking and mental agility. Play against the computer or other people in online real-time matches.

Spell words by typing the letters then hitting the + button. If you make a mistake, tap the < button to delete the last letter typed.

Words must be of 3 or more letters. Proper nouns are not allowed. The standard scoring for words is:
  3 letters : 10 points
  4 letters : 20 points
  5 letters : 30 points
  6 letters : 50 points
  7 letters : 70 points
  8 letters : 100 points

There are 5 ways to play:

Most Words - find as many words as you can from the same jumble of letters. More points are awarded for longer words. The letters are an anagram of an eight-letter word. If you can find the eight-letter word, 100 points are awarded. In two player mode, if both players find the same word, only the player who find it in the shortest time scores. There is also a small bonus for finding the first word in the shortest time.

Longest Word - Find the longest word you can from the jumble of letters. You can enter more than one word, but only the longest will count towards your score. In two player mode, the player finding the longest word scores an additional 100 points.

Word Scramble - Find words as quickly as you can, but each time you find a word, all the letters will be replaced. If you are given a poor selection of letters, you can replace them by tapping on the ~ button, but this costs a 50 point penalty.

Word Chain - In two player mode, the players take turns to find words. Each letter used is replaced by a random new letter, and play passes to the next player. Each player has a separate clock - whichever player runs out of time first endures a 50 point penalty. In single player mode, letters are replaced when used but play continues with the same player.

Reveal Word - Similar to "Hangman", the aim is to reveal the hidden word by guessing letters. In two player mode, the players take turns to guess, but if you guess correctly you take another turn. In a player runs out of time, all remaining hidden letters are awarded to his opponent. In single player mode, try to guess the word with as few guesses as possible. More points are awarded for correctly guessing rarer letters, points deducted for incorrect guesses.

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Recent Update

6 Nov 2022
Word Star V1.26 released - Support recent Android versions, fix notification crash.


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Recent comments

Bug I have downloaded the game twice now it doest work
posted 2015-12-27 by Cassy
Sorry to hear that. It should be working OK as far I know. What do you mean by "doesn't work"? Doesn't run? Crashes? Is there an error message or anything?

Profile options This game is very nice! Pls add more options in the profile so players can put their own pics. Btw, how to change the country flag?
posted 2015-11-25 by Jonn
Thanks, glad you like the game. Player images would be tricky to support in the current server model, but it would be nice feature for the future. The flag is decided by your phone's country and language settings.

time issue Not nearly enough time on the clock. By the time you've looked at the letters the time has run out. Needs a button where you can choose your own time
posted 2012-08-25 by Jo

Why? Hi there! These Wordstar games are TOTALLY addictice! Thank you for a brilliant app! One thing though - the Hall Of Fame has refused to take my new score. Very upsetting! Up to now it has worked fine. Any way to fix this? My score does come up on the individual score button..... Thanks.
posted 2012-05-03 by Candi
Hi Candi, Thanks, glad you like these games :) Sorry your hi-score didn't upload. It does need internet to be up and available at the time the score is submitted. Sometimes there can be a network glitch which might prevent score submission. There isn't currently a way to submit the score again later unfortunately. Perhaps I'll be able to add that at some point.

More time These Wordstar games are fabulous!!!! Love them! One thing though: Is there a way to increase the time allocations? It's great to race the timer........ but it would also be great to have more time to actually challenge one's brain by puzzling out the root words, in the longest word games especially.
posted 2012-04-07 by Ann
Thanks for your message. The problem with allowing a different amount of time is that there needs to be a level playing field for the high score tables. Maybe there could be an option to have longer time but not save the score. I will think about how this could work and maybe add in the future.

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