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Global Top 100 'Single Player' Scores for 2019

1.Apr 28USPlayer1487mw
2.Oct 24USPlayer1468mw
3.Sep 19USPlayer1448mw
4.Jul 31USPlayer1447mw
5.Jan 28USPlayer1436mw
6.Jan 19USPlayer1414mw
7.Jun 22USPlayer1410mw
8.Nov 02USPlayer1403mw
9.Jan 05USPlayer1386mw
10.Nov 04USPlayer1376mw
11.Mar 29USPlayer1374mw
12.Sep 23USPlayer1372mw
13.Apr 22USPlayer1362mw
14.Jun 07USPlayer1356mw
15.Nov 10USPlayer1348mw
16.Oct 20USPlayer1339mw
17.Jun 09USPlayer1333mw
18.May 28USPlayer1332mw
19.Jul 16USPlayer1326mw
20.Jul 09USPlayer1322mw
21.Jun 24USPlayer1322mw
22.Oct 25USPlayer1321mw
23.Jul 25USPlayer1316mw
24.Oct 02USPlayer1315mw
25.Oct 07USPlayer1314mw
26.Jun 08USPlayer1308mw
27.Feb 06USPlayer1307mw
28.Sep 24USPlayer1303mw
29.Nov 06USPlayer1302mw
30.Feb 12USPlayer1300mw
31.Apr 26USPlayer1299mw
32.Sep 13USPlayer1297mw
33.Jun 02USPlayer1296mw
34.May 13USPlayer1288mw
35.Oct 23USPlayer1283mw
36.Nov 07USPlayer1281mw
37.Mar 16USPlayer1280mw
38.Aug 09USPlayer1279mw
39.Oct 30USPlayer1278mw
40.Mar 31USPlayer1278mw
41.Jun 29USPlayer1277mw
42.May 16USPlayer1274mw
43.Jul 20USPlayer1270mw
44.Jul 29USPlayer1266mw
45.Sep 16USPlayer1264mw
46.Sep 03USPlayer1262mw
47.May 01USPlayer1262mw
48.Feb 25USPlayer1259mw
49.Mar 26USPlayer1258mw
50.Sep 30USPlayer1253mw
51.May 04USPlayer1253mw
52.Jun 06USPlayer1249mw
53.Feb 15USPlayer1248mw
54.Oct 27USPlayer1247mw
55.Sep 27USPlayer1245mw
56.Feb 17USPlayer1242mw
57.Sep 28USPlayer1240mw
58.Sep 16USPlayer1239mw
59.Aug 05USPlayer1238mw
60.May 26USPlayer1238mw
61.May 07USPlayer1238mw
62.Jan 06USPlayer1232mw
63.Aug 16USPlayer1228mw
64.Nov 08USPlayer1227mw
65.Nov 07USPlayer1225mw
66.Jul 10USPlayer1225mw
67.Jun 20USPlayer1225mw
68.Jan 14USPlayer1223mw
69.Jun 02USPlayer1221mw
70.Jun 04USPlayer1220mw
71.Mar 29USPlayer1220mw
72.Sep 08USPlayer1218mw
73.Mar 22USPlayer1218mw
74.Mar 13USPlayer1216mw
75.Feb 13USPlayer1215mw
76.Mar 27USPlayer1214mw
77.Apr 05USPlayer1213mw
78.Sep 21USPlayer1210mw
79.Sep 11USPlayer1208mw
80.Aug 15USPlayer1206mw
81.Aug 04USPlayer1205mw
82.Jul 11USPlayer1205mw
83.Feb 02USPlayer1201mw
84.Jul 27USPlayer1197mw
85.Jan 03USPlayer1197mw
86.Aug 10USPlayer1196mw
87.Jan 23USPlayer1196mw
88.Nov 14USPlayer1195mw
89.May 13USPlayer1194mw
90.Jun 06USPlayer1192mw
91.Jul 15USPlayer1191mw
92.Jan 06USPlayer1187mw
93.Feb 12USPlayer1185mw
94.Feb 03USPlayer1185mw
95.Jul 14USPlayer1184mw
96.Oct 06USPlayer1182mw
97.Aug 31USPlayer1178mw
98.Mar 25USPlayer1178mw
99.Oct 27USPlayer1177mw
100.Oct 03USPlayer1177mw

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Top Countries (submitted 'Single Player' scores) for 2019

1. United States United States 699

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