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Global Top 100 'Single Player' Scores for 2020

1.May 05USPlayer1559mw
2.Apr 26USPlayer1518mw
3.Jan 04USPlayer1486mw
4.Jan 11USPlayer1485mw
5.Apr 02USPlayer1446mw
6.May 14USPlayer1445mw
7.Jul 07USPlayer1438mw
8.Mar 31USPlayer1433mw
9.Mar 22USPlayer1422mw
10.Mar 12USPlayer1421mw
11.Feb 23USPlayer1420mw
12.Mar 15USPlayer1415mw
13.Feb 03USPlayer1410mw
14.May 13USPlayer1406mw
15.Apr 10USPlayer1402mw
16.May 18USPlayer1399mw
17.May 11USPlayer1398mw
18.Jan 29USPlayer1398mw
19.Apr 23USPlayer1393mw
20.Jul 02USPlayer1386mw
21.Jun 07USPlayer1386mw
22.Jan 03USPlayer1380mw
23.Jun 13USPlayer1379mw
24.Jul 20USPlayer1378mw
25.May 01USPlayer1378mw
26.Mar 10USPlayer1378mw
27.Jan 17USPlayer1377mw
28.May 28USPlayer1361mw
29.May 02USPlayer1353mw
30.May 25USPlayer1352mw
31.Mar 16USPlayer1348mw
32.Jan 13USPlayer1346mw
33.May 10USPlayer1337mw
34.Mar 05USPlayer1327mw
35.Apr 13USPlayer1326mw
36.Jan 01USPlayer1326mw
37.May 09USPlayer1325mw
38.Feb 17USPlayer1325mw
39.Jun 27USPlayer1323mw
40.Apr 29USPlayer1317mw
41.Apr 18USPlayer1311mw
42.Mar 18USPlayer1308mw
43.Mar 29USPlayer1307mw
44.Feb 14USPlayer1307mw
45.Feb 10USPlayer1306mw
46.Jan 20USPlayer1304mw
47.May 20USPlayer1302mw
48.Feb 20USPlayer1300mw
49.May 23USPlayer1297mw
50.May 01USPlayer1297mw
51.Jul 21USPlayer1296mw
52.Jun 29USPlayer1295mw
53.Aug 05USPlayer1294mw
54.Jul 30USPlayer1290mw
55.Mar 21USPlayer1290mw
56.Apr 05USPlayer1289mw
57.Mar 02USPlayer1289mw
58.Feb 25USPlayer1288mw
59.Jan 07USPlayer1286mw
60.Feb 27USPlayer1285mw
61.Mar 03USPlayer1283mw
62.Feb 28USPlayer1283mw
63.Feb 13USPlayer1283mw
64.Jul 23USPlayer1278mw
65.Aug 03USPlayer1277mw
66.Apr 17USPlayer1275mw
67.Feb 29USPlayer1273mw
68.Feb 04USPlayer1268mw
69.Apr 29USPlayer1265mw
70.Apr 20USPlayer1265mw
71.Aug 09USPlayer1255mw
72.Jan 27USPlayer1255mw
73.May 11USPlayer1254mw
74.Feb 22USPlayer1254mw
75.Jun 17USPlayer1251mw
76.May 17USPlayer1251mw
77.Feb 24USPlayer1248mw
78.Mar 07USPlayer1247mw
79.Jan 22USPlayer1247mw
80.Jul 13USPlayer1245mw
81.Apr 09USPlayer1241mw
82.Apr 06USPlayer1241mw
83.Jul 08USPlayer1238mw
84.Jul 04USPlayer1230mw
85.Jul 11USPlayer1227mw
86.Aug 02USPlayer1225mw
87.Feb 15USPlayer1225mw
88.Jan 14USPlayer1221mw
89.Mar 14USPlayer1217mw
90.Mar 24USPlayer1208mw
91.Apr 22USPlayer1207mw
92.Feb 09USPlayer1207mw
93.Feb 10USPlayer1204mw
94.Jan 31USPlayer1203mw
95.Jun 30USPlayer1198mw
96.Jun 15USPlayer1194mw
97.Jun 20USPlayer1190mw
98.Jun 25USPlayer1187mw
99.Jul 22USPlayer1186mw
100.Jun 05USPlayer1186mw

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Top Countries (submitted 'Single Player' scores) for 2020

1. United States United States 120

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