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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 07/2024

1.Jul 14USLockTrumpUp8235
2.Jul 06USDaleMc6303
3.Jul 04GBPlayer6293
4.Jul 11USDave5793
5.Jul 10USSpecK5343
6.Jul 11USTexas Mama5322
7.Jul 06USPlayer5282
8.Jul 07DEPlayer5272
9.Jul 11USPlayer5242
10.Jul 08USPlayer5222
11.Jul 02BERudyB20245212
12.Jul 12USDad5202
13.Jul 11USDD5202
14.Jul 10USJoeWhite5202
15.Jul 06USpeef..h.n..n....5202
16.Jul 11USPlayer5192
17.Jul 09USJoel.5192
18.Jul 02USTexas Mama5162
19.Jul 09DEJoe5152
20.Jul 06USJoel.5132
21.Jul 03USDave5132
22.Jul 07USLockTrumpUp5122
23.Jul 03UST-VenB5122
24.Jul 08USSkig5112
25.Jul 11USPlayer5082
26.Jul 03USTRO5082
27.Jul 07USDan M5052
28.Jul 06USDeeCee5032
29.Jul 11USSkip4992
30.Jul 03USWayne?...Ii4992
31.Jul 07USPlayer4982
32.Jul 08USSteve West Bend4972
33.Jul 10USTerpgirl4962
34.Jul 02USPlayer4952
35.Jul 10USPlayer4922
36.Jul 13GBAndy Pred484892
37.Jul 02USJoel.4872
38.Jul 07USJoel.4842
39.Jul 14USPlayer4832
40.Jul 10USPlayer4772
41.Jul 08USJoel.4662
42.Jul 10USMeghann4632
43.Jul 12GBBBeetle4582
44.Jul 07USJoel.4582
45.Jul 07USPlayer4582
46.Jul 12USLori4372
47.Jul 12US............. ..4331
48.Jul 08USPlayer4301
49.Jul 11USPlayer4281
50.Jul 10US............. ..4271
51.Jul 05USRAD4271
52.Jul 10BERudyB20244261
53.Jul 04DEPlayer4261
54.Jul 14NLMaickel4251
55.Jul 02USPlayer4231
56.Jul 13USRSC4221
57.Jul 02USOk4211
58.Jul 15USPlayer4201
59.Jul 10USLockTrumpUp4201
60.Jul 14USJoel.4191
61.Jul 05USJoeWhite4191
62.Jul 02USDecoKat4191
63.Jul 12USWayne?...Ii4181
64.Jul 10USJoel.4181
65.Jul 08USchris p4181
66.Jul 05USJoel.4181
67.Jul 04NLGerrie4181
68.Jul 01USmomo4181
69.Jul 09USTexas Mama4161
70.Jul 08USJoel.4161
71.Jul 03USTJ4161
72.Jul 02USM4161
73.Jul 09US............. ..4151
74.Jul 08USLori4151
75.Jul 05USJoel.4151
76.Jul 15USJoel.4141
77.Jul 13USM4141
78.Jul 12USJES4141
79.Jul 11USMike D.4141
80.Jul 10USPlayer4141
81.Jul 07USd4141
82.Jul 15USJoel.4131
83.Jul 05USJoel.4131
84.Jul 13USMDP..4121
85.Jul 07USmjg4121
86.Jul 07USGreg4111
87.Jul 12USJoel.4101
88.Jul 12USJoel.4101
89.Jul 09USFuzzy4101
90.Jul 13USLori4091
91.Jul 12USOk4091
92.Jul 05USJoel.4091
93.Jul 05USLockTrumpUp4081
94.Jul 02USPlayer4061
95.Jul 12USJoel.4051
96.Jul 08NLRemco4051
97.Jul 02USOk4041
98.Jul 09USSpecK4011
99.Jul 08NLPlayer4011
100.Jul 03NLdorien4011

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 07/2024

1. United States United States 1998
2. Netherlands Netherlands 101
3. Germany Germany 97
4. France France 38
5. United Kingdom United Kingdom 12
6. Canada Canada 10
7. Italy Italy 6
8. Belgium Belgium 5
9. Australia Australia 4

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