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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 10/2020

1.Oct 27USGoldhelocks7324
2.Oct 06UScarol7234
3.Oct 24USKew4177134
4.Oct 19USMike D7044
5.Oct 14USZeus6393
6.Oct 10CACJ6333
7.Oct 28DEJoe6273
8.Oct 14USMike D6273
9.Oct 15USAnita Mary6263
10.Oct 06USJoel6263
11.Oct 27USPlayer6243
12.Oct 26USDonC6243
13.Oct 11GBPlayer6223
14.Oct 08USZeus6213
15.Oct 09DEWAUWAB_46153
16.Oct 19USHemigirl6133
17.Oct 07USSteve West Bend6123
18.Oct 01USPlayer6093
19.Oct 19USDean6083
20.Oct 16USPlayer6073
21.Oct 30FRGuigui34m6063
22.Oct 11USLllllllll..mmm6013
23.Oct 28NLJantine5993
24.Oct 06USJoel5953
25.Oct 22USTerpgirl5883
26.Oct 14USJen5833
27.Oct 06USKay5813
28.Oct 20USTarun5803
29.Oct 22USPlayer5513
30.Oct 01USjrr.5342
31.Oct 07USZeus5332
32.Oct 01GBChezatron5332
33.Oct 20USJimmy5322
34.Oct 01USPlayer5322
35.Oct 06NLPlayer5302
36.Oct 04NLPlayer5302
37.Oct 27GBScholesy5292
38.Oct 17USMike D5282
39.Oct 27USMike D5272
40.Oct 21USRobertW?5272
41.Oct 16AUBBeetle5272
42.Oct 21GBPlayer5262
43.Oct 11USChris5262
44.Oct 07NLHenk5262
45.Oct 01USScott5262
46.Oct 19USJlmdc5252
47.Oct 19USMigs5252
48.Oct 06USFobbit5252
49.Oct 02DEWAUWAB_35252
50.Oct 01USn?....5252
51.Oct 28US..5242
52.Oct 22USDoug5242
53.Oct 30GBCatherine5232
54.Oct 18USPlayer5222
55.Oct 06USDonC5222
56.Oct 30NLHenk5212
57.Oct 25USPlayer5212
58.Oct 05US? Lol.??????? No5212
59.Oct 14USTyna5202
60.Oct 13CAPlayer5202
61.Oct 09USPlayer5202
62.Oct 27USPlayer5192
63.Oct 07USPlayer5192
64.Oct 09USRSC5182
65.Oct 27USPlayer5172
66.Oct 05US?u?nn.....?n?y.?5172
67.Oct 25USPlayer5162
68.Oct 15NLmarc695152
69.Oct 10DEJoe5152
70.Oct 09USMDP5152
71.Oct 06USSkip5152
72.Oct 10CAPlayer5142
73.Oct 05USMike D5142
74.Oct 02USPlayer5142
75.Oct 16USjrr.5132
76.Oct 23USEndiah5122
77.Oct 09USjrr.5122
78.Oct 23USMark Burnard5102
79.Oct 14USLisa5102
80.Oct 12USPlayer5102
81.Oct 04NLHenk5102
82.Oct 20USPlayer5092
83.Oct 20DEJoe5092
84.Oct 19USPlayer5092
85.Oct 18USPlayer5072
86.Oct 03USJoel5072
87.Oct 17USPlayer5052
88.Oct 03USRuth5052
89.Oct 22USJoel5042
90.Oct 14USBobS5042
91.Oct 12FRPlayer5032
92.Oct 22USLaurie5022
93.Oct 12USMike D5022
94.Oct 20USKew4175012
95.Oct 14USPugetSoundAngler5012
96.Oct 08USPlayer5012
97.Oct 03USPlayer5012
98.Oct 27USMark Burnard5002
99.Oct 15RUIgor5002
100.Oct 12GBRed Army5002

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 10/2020

1. United States United States 3916
2. Germany Germany 330
3. Netherlands Netherlands 204
4. United Kingdom United Kingdom 119
5. France France 16
6. Canada Canada 16
7. Italy Italy 10
8. Romania Romania 3
9. Australia Australia 2
10. Poland Poland 2

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