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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 08/2020

1.Aug 06USPlayer6904
2.Aug 06USHolly6273
3.Aug 03USBetsi???6273
4.Aug 08USMike D6253
5.Aug 07USMDP6093
6.Aug 07FRKrist6043
7.Aug 01USn?.6023
8.Aug 09NLMvE695993
9.Aug 08USPlayer5853
10.Aug 02USChuckie5653
11.Aug 03USChuckie5392
12.Aug 07USPlayer5292
13.Aug 04USDeeCee5262
14.Aug 03GBPlayer5262
15.Aug 05USjrr.5252
16.Aug 02USPlayer5242
17.Aug 03USRudy5232
18.Aug 06USJoel5202
19.Aug 06USChuckie5202
20.Aug 06USPlayer5192
21.Aug 06USVicky5192
22.Aug 09USKew4175182
23.Aug 06USGoldhelocks5182
24.Aug 01USjrr.5182
25.Aug 06USChuckie5152
26.Aug 03USRSC5152
27.Aug 03USDana5152
28.Aug 09GBMark5142
29.Aug 09USJanm22.5112
30.Aug 07USMark Burnard5092
31.Aug 04USPlayer5092
32.Aug 02GBThor5082
33.Aug 08USGoldhelocks5072
34.Aug 07GBJim5062
35.Aug 04USPlayer5062
36.Aug 04USPlayer5062
37.Aug 03USPlayer5052
38.Aug 01USBetsi?5052
39.Aug 09US............. ..5042
40.Aug 07USDaleS5022
41.Aug 06USPlayer5002
42.Aug 02USBubbazpop5002
43.Aug 05USRandy4912
44.Aug 06USPlayer4902
45.Aug 05USmjg4892
46.Aug 02USGirlie Girl4812
47.Aug 01USJoel4722
48.Aug 09USn?..4702
49.Aug 06USBetsi4692
50.Aug 07NLLeo Winter4522
51.Aug 02USJoel4502
52.Aug 08USMike D4382
53.Aug 03US[TITAN] Cynomus4352
54.Aug 03US[TITAN] Cynomus4351
55.Aug 01USPlayer4341
56.Aug 09USRick4301
57.Aug 09USGBPSBC4X4261
58.Aug 06USHemigirl4261
59.Aug 03USChuckie4261
60.Aug 05USKay4251
61.Aug 04USChuckie4251
62.Aug 09USPlayer4241
63.Aug 05USTerpgirl4241
64.Aug 05USpam......l.....4241
65.Aug 03US[TITAN] Cynomus4241
66.Aug 02US............. ..4241
67.Aug 05USMike D4231
68.Aug 03USChuckie4231
69.Aug 05USGoldhelocks4221
70.Aug 02USJanm22.4201
71.Aug 01USJanm22.4201
72.Aug 09DEWAUWAB_24191
73.Aug 06GBGiggsy4191
74.Aug 05USDragon4191
75.Aug 01USMark4191
76.Aug 08USGoldhelocks4181
77.Aug 03USPlayer4181
78.Aug 09USKew4174172
79.Aug 05USl?????😂??????4171
80.Aug 05USMarianne4171
81.Aug 05USPugetSoundAngler4171
82.Aug 07USTerpgirl4161
83.Aug 03US.??.?.4152
84.Aug 09USKathy??4151
85.Aug 06USPlayer4151
86.Aug 08USJeanne4141
87.Aug 07USPlayer4141
88.Aug 02USPlayer4131
89.Aug 09USPlayer4121
90.Aug 05USWanda4121
91.Aug 08USPlayer4111
92.Aug 05CAThor II4111
93.Aug 05USChuckie4111
94.Aug 03USKay4111
95.Aug 03USPlayer4111
96.Aug 09USJoe4101
97.Aug 05US............. ..4101
98.Aug 08USBent Nahl4091
99.Aug 07USLori4091
100.Aug 07USLori4091

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 08/2020

1. United States United States 1346
2. Germany Germany 147
3. Netherlands Netherlands 35
4. United Kingdom United Kingdom 20
5. Canada Canada 6
6. France France 3

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