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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 01/2020

1.Jan 25USOscar Mike7304
2.Jan 21USPlayer6393
3.Jan 26USChuckie6333
4.Jan 03USDave770596293
5.Jan 12USPlayer6283
6.Jan 02USDon6253
7.Jan 18USAnita Mary6223
8.Jan 21USPlayer6053
9.Jan 18USJoel6033
10.Jan 16USPlayer6003
11.Jan 09NLmaickel5993
12.Jan 03USPlayer5943
13.Jan 18USMark Burnard5883
14.Jan 07USPlayer5863
15.Jan 02DEPlayer5743
16.Jan 20USPlayer5422
17.Jan 21USSkig5382
18.Jan 15USDonC5382
19.Jan 22USPeter D5332
20.Jan 25USPlayer5322
21.Jan 22USCandy5322
22.Jan 07FRMARCO5302
23.Jan 16USChuckie5292
24.Jan 02USWes G5273
25.Jan 21USPlayer5262
26.Jan 05USPlayer5262
27.Jan 08USPlayer5252
28.Jan 16USDavis5242
29.Jan 08USSkip5242
30.Jan 05US4GTo5242
31.Jan 01NLmaickel5242
32.Jan 26USDesiree5232
33.Jan 26CAPlayer5222
34.Jan 21USSkig5212
35.Jan 14USnanceeta5212
36.Jan 22USMike.5202
37.Jan 16USChuckie5202
38.Jan 13HUGiraffe5202
39.Jan 20USTarun5192
40.Jan 08USDSPEagle715182
41.Jan 08USDragon5182
42.Jan 18USCharlie5172
43.Jan 01USLittle Banana.5172
44.Jan 02UScarol5162
45.Jan 13USBryan5152
46.Jan 07USDave770595152
47.Jan 26USWmTT.5142
48.Jan 17USPlayer5142
49.Jan 20NLmaickel5132
50.Jan 20USPlayer5132
51.Jan 03USme5132
52.Jan 19USme5122
53.Jan 08USPlayer5122
54.Jan 07USCubix Rube5122
55.Jan 25USOscar Mike5112
56.Jan 03USPlayer5092
57.Jan 21GBProf Smart5082
58.Jan 15FRPlayer5072
59.Jan 11NLMarc.v.E5072
60.Jan 02US..5072
61.Jan 15DEJoe5062
62.Jan 04USPlayer5062
63.Jan 19NLRichard5052
64.Jan 14USPam5052
65.Jan 08USJoel5052
66.Jan 04CAPlayer5052
67.Jan 09USHolly5042
68.Jan 09USJohn R. Catt5042
69.Jan 03USJoel5042
70.Jan 26USl?????😂??????5032
71.Jan 22USJoel5032
72.Jan 26DEPlayer5012
73.Jan 22US.m...........5012
74.Jan 22USBull5012
75.Jan 09USme5012
76.Jan 22USToolman1169115002
77.Jan 04USJoel4992
78.Jan 16USPlayer4982
79.Jan 19USPlayer4962
80.Jan 16US.4962
81.Jan 14USSpartacus4962
82.Jan 11USPlayer4962
83.Jan 16USBerni4952
84.Jan 11USGeo4952
85.Jan 21USBull4942
86.Jan 25USPlayer4932
87.Jan 25US.4932
88.Jan 17DEWAUWAB_34912
89.Jan 06USTina4912
90.Jan 18US.4902
91.Jan 11USwnzan4902
92.Jan 24USChristi4892
93.Jan 21USJoe4882
94.Jan 15USJoel4872
95.Jan 19USPlayer4832
96.Jan 14US❤TIFFANY ❤4802
97.Jan 05USMark Burnard4792
98.Jan 05USFred Rico4752
99.Jan 04USIlovebob20054742
100.Jan 02NLHenk4742

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 01/2020

1. United States United States 4224
2. Germany Germany 327
3. Netherlands Netherlands 138
4. United Kingdom United Kingdom 52
5. France France 47
6. Hungary Hungary 14
7. Canada Canada 14
8. Australia Australia 9
9. Romania Romania 4
10. Belgium Belgium 2

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