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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 2020

1.Jun 16DEm23260
2.Jun 03DEPlayer3040
3.Mar 05DEm22940
4.Apr 11DEm22910
5.Jun 03DEPlayer2890
6.Jun 03DEPlayer2780
7.Jun 16DEm22760
8.Jun 03DEPlayer2670
9.Jun 15DEPlayer2650
10.Jun 03DEPlayer2620
11.Jun 03DEPlayer2620
12.Jan 20USPlayer2600
13.Mar 06DEm22500
14.Mar 06DEm22470
15.Jun 03DEPlayer2440
16.Jun 03DEPlayer2290
17.Jun 05DEPlayer2220
18.Mar 24DEPlayer2210
19.Jun 04DEPlayer2170
20.Jun 03DEPlayer2140
21.Jun 16DEm22100
22.Mar 03DEPlayer2010
23.Jun 03DEPlayer1940
24.Jun 16DEm21880
25.Jun 03DEPlayer1840
26.Jun 03DEPlayer1690
27.Mar 06DEm21280

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 2020

1. Germany Germany 26
2. United States United States 1

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