A version of the classic dice game, with the proper rules! Just like the well-known "Yahtzee"¹ and the public domain game "Yacht".

Each turn begins by shaking all five dice. You then choose which dice to keep, and which to shake again - click on the dice to "keep", then shake the remaining dice again. After your third shake, these are your final dice which count towards your score.

At the end of each turn, you now have to select a row from the scoresheet to enter your score. Each row scores in a different way, but you must pick one row. You then move to your next turn by shaking all five dice again. The game ends when you have entered a score for all rows in the scoresheet.

This app features three game types: Classic, Lucky7 and Tricolor.

Classic Rules

The scoresheet is divided into upper and lower sections.

Upper section: the rows are laballed Aces to Sixes - you score only those dice which coorespond to the name of the row. For example, if you select the row called "Twos" and your dice are "2, 3, 2, 2, 6", then you would score 6. You also score a bonus of 35 points if the sum of your scores in the upper section adds up to 63 of greater.

Lower section: here you must have the appropriate dice in order to score.
3/Kind: at least three dice must show the same value. Scores total of all dice.
4/Kind: at least four dice must show the same value. Scores total of all dice.
Full House: a set of three dice showing the same value, plus the remaining two dice showing another value (e.g "3, 3, 3, 5, 5"). Scores 25.
Lo Straight: a run of at least four numbers (e.g "1, 2, 3, 4"). Scores 30.
Hi straight: a run of all five (e.g "1, 2, 3, 4, 5"). Scores 40.
YachtC: all dice showing the same value. Scores 50.
Chance: scores total value of all dice.

Note that the order the dice appear does not matter, so for example "1, 4, 3, 5, 2" is also a "Hi Straight". A second "yahtzee" in the same game is worth an extra 100 bonus points.

Lucky7 Rules

In this variation, the game is played with seven-sided dice. The "seven" on one of the dice is highlighted a different colour. When you are lucky enough to roll this dice, it can be used as a "wildcard" to represent any value from 1 to 7. Tap on the dice until it shows the value you most prefer.

The scoresheet is divided into upper and lower sections just like the classic game, but this time there are seven rows in the upper section. You need to score 84 in the upper section to get the bonus, which is worth 46 points.

The lower section of the scoresheet is just like the Classic game, but you can of course use the "wildcard" 7 to help.

Tricolor Rules

In this variation, the game is played with special dice with different colored faces and is similar to the game known as "Kismet". By default, the faces showing "1" and "6" are white, "2" and "5" are red, with "3" and "4" being green. The dice colors become significant for some rows in the lower section.

The scoresheet is divided into upper and lower sections just like the classic game.

Upper section: The upper section works in a similar way to the classic game, except that the bonus is variable depending on your score:
62 or less : no bonus
63 to 70 : bonus 35
71 to 77 : bonus 55
78 or more: bonus 75

Lower section: The lower section contains some extra rows, some of these relate to the dice colors:
2 Pair Color: two pairs, but both pairs must be the same color dice.
3/Kind: just like the classic game.
Straight: a run of all five dice (i.e. High Straight) but in this version scores 30.
Flush: all five dice the same color, scores 35.
F/House: full house, just like the classic game but scores total of all dice plus 15.
F/House color: full house, but all dice must the same color - scores total of all dice plus 20.
4/Kind: like the classic game but scores total of all dice plus 25.
YachtC: scores total of all dice plus 50.
Chance: as classic, scores total of all dice.
In this version of the game, you continue to get a bonus 100 for a second YachtC.

¹ "Yahtzee" is a trademark of Hasbro.

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Update to HTC One X? When will this be made available to the HTC One X os?
posted 2012-05-02 by Steve
I'm guessing it's just Google haven't updated Android Market with the correct compatibility requirements yet, as I can't imagine why it wouldn't be compatible.

posting high score can you post a high score post game when you get internet connection?
posted 2011-12-06 by Len
At the end of the game the dialog asks you if you want to submit your score, which requires the internet connection to be on. If there is no internet connection, it will still save the score locally (on your phone). Unfortunately there is no current method to synchronize the locally saved score back to the server for times where the score could not be submitted. I'll bear this mind to see if this feature could be added in a future update.

the game Top game works well on my galaxy s just need to beat the high score now!
posted 2011-01-08 by tony.p

zpyke I new in this game lol
posted 2010-11-26 by Miguel

i cant get a decent score =( I play n play play n play =( what am I doing wrong??
posted 2010-10-20 by williams

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