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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 09/2020

1.Sep 09IDSalsacantik1530L5
2.Sep 05IDPlayer978L3
3.Sep 07MYPlayer898L3
4.Sep 07MYPlayer879L5
5.Sep 06MYPlayer762L3
6.Sep 19ESPlayer713L3
7.Sep 06MYPlayer703L3
8.Sep 12MYMe686L3
9.Sep 07MYPlayer677L5
10.Sep 06MYPlayer657L3
11.Sep 04THฝัน564L3
12.Sep 06MYPlayer521L3
13.Sep 19ESPlayer516L2
14.Sep 11THPlayer509L2
15.Sep 07KRPlayer504L2
16.Sep 07MYPlayer488L3
17.Sep 07MYPlayer487L3
18.Sep 07MYPlayer449L2
19.Sep 07MYPlayer355L3
20.Sep 12MYPlayer337L2
21.Sep 04THชนะ330L2
22.Sep 19ESPlayer262L3
23.Sep 02BRPlayer249L2
24.Sep 09BRPlayer182L3
25.Sep 06MYPlayer152L3
26.Sep 06MYPlayer136L3
27.Sep 21USPlayer-3L2
28.Sep 06MYPlayer-13L2
29.Sep 02BRPlayer-46L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 09/2020

1. Malaysia Malaysia 16
2. Brazil Brazil 3
3. Thailand Thailand 3
4. Spain Spain 3
5. Indonesia Indonesia 2
6. Korea South Korea South 1
7. United States United States 1

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