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Global Top 100 'Route 1' Scores for 02/2020

1.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt2559L6
2.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt2548L6
3.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt2496L6
4.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt2103L7
5.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt1357L5
6.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt1318L6
7.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt1282L5
8.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt1180L3
9.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt1073L6
10.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt1037L4
11.Feb 26USsffsgdgd948L4
12.Feb 11TWPlayer933L3
13.Feb 13TWPlayer769L3
14.Feb 26USGiuSame.757L4
15.Feb 06USPlayer732L2
16.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt626L2
17.Feb 26USsffsgdgdjfufhfjt601L2
18.Feb 04BR10000000000544L2
19.Feb 11TWPlayer533L3
20.Feb 26USsffsgdgd459L2
21.Feb 05BRTuago422L2
22.Feb 26USGiuSame.393L2
23.Feb 22USPujo-108L2

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route 1' scores) for 02/2020

1. United States United States 18
2. Taiwan Taiwan 3
3. Brazil Brazil 2

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