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Global Top 100 'Route A' Scores for 2018

1.Apr 30FRJerome Rery7881L15
2.Jan 07FRJerome Rery7666L14
3.Jan 07FRJerome Rery7146L14
4.Jan 07FRJerome Rery6953L14
5.Jan 06FRJerome Rery6895L14
6.Jan 07FRJerome Rery6772L14
7.May 06BRReinaldo Arruda6705L15
8.Jan 07FRJerome Rery6618L15
9.Jan 07FRJerome Rery6412L13
10.Jan 07FRJerome Rery6013L13
11.Apr 30USNikolina Todorov5907L14
12.Jan 06USNikolina Todorov5879L12
13.May 07BRReinaldo Arruda5686L14
14.Mar 21Jonathan Rondon5645L12
15.Feb 08ESPolaka Schroeder5637L12
16.Mar 30Jonathan Rondon5633L13
17.Apr 04Jonathan Rondon5582L12
18.Jan 09FRJerome Rery5455L12
19.Jan 10FRJerome Rery5452L13
20.Jan 06FRJerome Rery5364L12
21.Jan 06USNikolina Todorov5360L13
22.Mar 21Jonathan Rondon5320L13
23.Jan 09USPetrica Mateescu5264L11
24.May 02BRReinaldo Arruda5215L12
25.Mar 21Jonathan Rondon5093L12
26.Mar 21Jonathan Rondon5026L11
27.Mar 14Jonathan Rondon5005L12
28.Mar 12ITRosa Farinella4991L13
29.Feb 11Jonathan Rondon4944L11
30.May 18Jonathan Rondon4916L12
31.Mar 22Jonathan Rondon4867L11
32.May 06BRReinaldo Arruda4865L12
33.Feb 04MXYariley de Canti4857L11
34.Mar 24ITElia D'ambra4812L9
35.May 03USEmilie Coudrais4747L11
36.Mar 12Jonathan Rondon4746L11
37.Mar 12Jonathan Rondon4744L10
38.Mar 15Jonathan Rondon4724L9
39.Mar 24Jonathan Rondon4720L8
40.Apr 26BRCarmem Modas4701L9
41.Jan 03FRJerome Rery4698L12
42.May 06BRReinaldo Arruda4688L11
43.Mar 31Jonathan Rondon4685L9
44.Apr 30BRReinaldo Arruda4672L12
45.Jan 02USNikolina Todorov4665L11
46.Feb 08ESPolaka Schroeder4661L9
47.Apr 27BRCarmem Modas4644L10
48.May 02BRReinaldo Arruda4620L12
49.Mar 28Jonathan Rondon4585L12
50.Apr 29BRReinaldo Arruda4577L12
51.May 08BRReinaldo Arruda4555L12
52.Apr 07BRRosa Bentinho Ol4538L13
53.Feb 09FRNoureddin Frikha4522L11
54.Apr 29USNikolina Todorov4519L10
55.Apr 28BRReinaldo Arruda4420L11
56.Jan 02FRJerome Rery4399L11
57.Jan 11ITFrancesco D'ambr4343L9
58.Feb 08Jonathan Rondon4340L9
59.May 10BRReinaldo Arruda4302L12
60.Mar 07FRPawlowski Noemie4283L10
61.Apr 28BRReinaldo Arruda4247L11
62.Jan 06USمصطفى عب4245L9
63.Apr 30BRReinaldo Arruda4236L10
64.May 11USEmilie Coudrais4219L11
65.May 06BRReinaldo Arruda4210L12
66.Apr 27USNikolina Todorov4205L12
67.Mar 25USCathy Coudrais4203L9
68.Mar 31ESArelis Gomez4198L9
69.May 07BRReinaldo Arruda4194L9
70.Mar 28USCathy Coudrais4166L10
71.Jan 03USNikolina Todorov4159L11
72.Mar 07FRPawlowski Noemie4152L11
73.Feb 25Jonathan Rondon4131L9
74.Apr 29BRReinaldo Arruda4118L10
75.Mar 25USCathy Coudrais4081L9
76.Apr 28BRReinaldo Arruda4079L9
77.Feb 26BRCarmem Modas4060L9
78.May 01BRReinaldo Arruda4026L11
79.Feb 21USPierre le Tallec4021L9
80.Apr 30BRReinaldo Arruda4015L11
81.Mar 27USEmilie Coudrais3953L7
82.Apr 04USCathy Coudrais3948L9
83.Jan 04USКирил Ди3920L9
84.Mar 25ITMarzia Bonato3871L9
85.Mar 02Jonathan Rondon3867L10
86.Mar 08Marisol Weimann3832L9
87.May 14ESJorgelina Palahi3826L9
88.May 07BRReinaldo Arruda3824L9
89.Feb 18USNikolina Todorov3811L11
90.Mar 14FRPawlowski Noemie3808L11
91.Mar 25USCathy Coudrais3802L9
92.Jan 04USКирил Ди3799L9
93.Mar 16Jonathan Rondon3799L8
94.Jan 04USNikolina Todorov3780L11
95.Mar 02PLBożena Malec3752L9
96.Feb 24FREmilie Coudrais3745L9
97.Jan 08ESLinder Rayo3734L11
98.Apr 28BRReinaldo Arruda3725L9
99.Feb 26Jonathan Rondon3725L9
100.May 06BRReinaldo Arruda3723L11

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Top Countries (submitted 'Route A' scores) for 2018

1. United States United States 1493
2. 587
3. Brazil Brazil 449
4. France France 368
5. Spain Spain 311
6. Turkey Turkey 170
7. Romania Romania 148
8. Russian Federation Russian Federation 145
9. Poland Poland 145
10. Italy Italy 99

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