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Based on the classic arcade game Pac-Man, the aim is to eat all the pills in the maze, while avoiding the four ghosts. There are also power-pills available in each corner which temporarily turn the ghosts blue, and more importantly, edible! Bonuses are awarded for eating ghosts. Fruit bonuses also appear and can be eaten for additional points.

Once all the pills have been eaten the level is complete. Each level is progressively more difficult as the effectiveness of the power-pills gradually decreases. There are 6 levels to complete in total.

In this version, there are several mazes to choose from:
- "Classic" is roughly based on the original arcade game
- "Super-1" and "Super-2" are larger, more difficult mazes to provide an extra challenge!

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I am sorry to announce that Google have removed "Super Pac" from Android Market. This is because they received a DMCA takedown notice from Namco Bandai, alleging copyright infringement of their game "Pac-Man".

Although inspired by the original arcade game, no materials from it were used. However, as I understand it, the name and characters may have been too similar.

Update: We have released a new game called Ghost Munch.

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