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Global Top 100 'Classic' Scores for 2019

1.Jul 07DEm24972
2.Jun 24DEm24171
3.Apr 27USPlayer3561
4.Jul 07DEm23371
5.Feb 13DEm23250
6.May 28USPlayer3221
7.Mar 25DEm23200
8.Jul 10DEm23080
9.Aug 10DEm22920
10.May 30USPlayer2920
11.Jun 21USPlayer2880
12.May 16USPlayer2830
13.Jun 06DEm22760
14.Feb 12DEm22740
15.Jun 30DEm22720
16.May 06USPlayer2700
17.Aug 11DEm22690
18.Jun 23DEPlayer2640
19.Apr 30USPlayer2620
20.Jul 11DEm22610
21.Feb 27USPlayer2610
22.Jul 10DEm22600
23.Jun 24DEm22570
24.May 24USPlayer2560
25.Feb 18DEm22560
26.Jul 11DEm22530
27.Apr 29USPlayer2530
28.Jan 28DEm22520
29.Jul 14USPlayer2510
30.Feb 13DEm22500
31.Jul 07DEm22480
32.Jun 21USPlayer2450
33.Jun 23DEm22440
34.Jun 21USPlayer2420
35.Mar 04DEm22420
36.Jan 22USLisa2420
37.Jul 07DEm22400
38.Jun 24DEm22380
39.Feb 18USPlayer2380
40.Jul 10DEm22300
41.Jun 23DEm22300
42.May 21DEm22240
43.Apr 10DEm22240
44.Jun 24DEm22200
45.May 30USPlayer2130
46.Feb 12DEm22090
47.Aug 11DEm22070
48.Jul 10DEm22030
49.Jul 07DEm22010
50.Jul 02DEm22010
51.Feb 12DEm21990
52.Jul 11DEm21980
53.Jul 07DEm21980
54.Jul 07DEm21960
55.Jul 06DEm21890
56.Mar 29DEm21870
57.Jun 24DEm21850
58.Jun 23DEm21810
59.Apr 10DEm21720
60.Apr 30USPlayer1650
61.Feb 13DEm21650
62.Feb 13DEm21550
63.Mar 25DEm21490
64.Jan 25USPlayer1100

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Top Countries (submitted 'Classic' scores) for 2019

1. Germany Germany 46
2. United States United States 18

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